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I have recently found out that my girlfriend of 3 years has been two timing me.
Our relationship is over but I want to give her the money that I owe her and also return all the presetns that she bought me as she was treating me as her bit on the side adn they clearly meant nothing to her but were mereley intended to keep me hanging around just in case she was bored.
They just have bad memories of being lied to so I dont really want to have them in my house but also feel bad throwign them. I think she could give them to her partner, sons etc.
What do you think? If youhave been lied to what did you do with presents etc??
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Sell them.. simple as that, since she gave them to you as a side object(sorry) why not go on ebay and sell the stuff, at least then you can get a little pocket change out of it.
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Or donate to goodwill or somewhere similar
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So sorry that you were cheated on, I do invite you to visit the "Infidelity" forum by clicking on my name, go to the bottom "Communities" click on forum and join. I think it will help you greatly.

You have options, don't give her anything. She doesn't deserve anything, you can put it away until on day you are emotinally able to see it without falling apart.  Like megochick said, sell it (e-bay, depending on what it is an value), donate it to someone who is in need and can use it, but do not give it back....try to sell it to one of her friends  :)
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I say burn the stuff (unless it has some $ value) and if it's worth anything, sell it and either give it to her for the money you owe, or go buy yourself something she would absolutely hate! LOL!

I am sorry you are going through this. It hurts so bad when someone you care about cheats. It's one of the most selfish acts there are and I commend you for not putting up with it!

Does the person she cheated on you with live in the house too? I got that impression from your post.
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No, we all have our own houses.
The money is not important as we all are very fortunate in that regard but it is the symbolism. She wants me to keep them and esp some lovely cuff links. Like I am ever going to wear them with find memories,
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i wouldnt giv anything back to her.. sell the stuff or burn it!!
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Trying selling it to her new b/f for more $$$. She will probably recognize the item :)
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Well when my ex cheated on me I burned all the pics we had and teddies he gave me were thrown away (not that he bought me much anyway) I have an expensive necklace that he got me for my 21st and you know what, im actually thinking about doing that "trade your gold for cash" thing thats going on over here... Hes the one who cheated, hes the one who decided to cause all this so why should he gain from it, plus I think a lil extraa cash will come in handy for me.. Why shouldn't I get a lil good out of all this??

And why shouldn't you??? Sell them or do something but dont give them back! dont show your bothered!!!! She will only give them to the new fella and look great!!!
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