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My husband is a disabled veteran and was also abused by a neighbor as a child, he has very poor mental health to say the least. He got drunk and was so mean to me. I've never been so upset in my life. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and I had 2 panic attacks last night because of what he put me through. If he does not get more help like he says I am leaving him. I don't deserve to be stressed out and mentally abused. It's not healthy for anyone especially our unborn. I'm still so hurt over this.
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My fiance and I went through the same thing,  we would also get into physical fight.  He finally just got his medication adjusted to where it works for him and he doesn't mind taking it so he now takes it daily. The big thing is to sit down with him when he is in a good mood and sober and tell him what you need from him. Tell him what you need him to do for the baby don't say for you or him.  Get him thinking about how his actions are affecting his relationship with the baby already.
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Poor hunny... you gotta pray!!
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I've already talked to him and he's agreed to get more help and to tell his doctor he is worse. I am praying he gets the help he needs but I'm not going to stick around if he doesn't.
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If you can try and talk to his doctor about your concerns. I found out my fiance wasn't communicating with his doctor about his medication and I had to explain how his medication wasn't working and why he wasn't taking it. I know it's difficult and I almost gave up a few times too because I was getting tired of it.
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Great idea
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I have PTSD.  My husband has PTSD.  Many of my friends have it. PTSD does not equal jerk face behavior. A jerk is a jerk with or with out PTSD.
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I never said he was a jerk. I said he has poor mental health which is why he has these psychotic episodes because he needs to be on meds. I can deal with jerky behavior,  not mental abuse. Sorry you misunderstood.  
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As long as someone is communicating with the doctor about the medication the meds can be adjusted or changed to find one or a dosage that helps.
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