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9 months ago i had a muriena put in  because i was bleeding all the time. I am 45 years old. the bleeding has stopped alot but now every time i have sex i bleed. it does not matter what way we do it i will bleed. the pain is really bad sometimes but not all the time. the doctor that i saw before the one that gave me the murina said i did need a  hysterectomy and this doctor said that i could use this murina instead of the surgery. But now i am bleeding everytime we go to have sex are there any answers out there. and also the string that comes with the murina we beleive is cutting into his penis
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Oh no, you need to see your ob/gyn. These things come with risks and you need to be checked out. I am not sure how this device is supposed to keep you from needing a hysterectomy but bleeding and the symptoms you describe warrant medical intervention, now.
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I didn't know the Murena could replace a hysterectomy. That doesn't sound right to me, but then again, I'm no Dr. I agree with teko, you definitely need to see your OBGYN and maybe have him/her check to make sure it's still in place. Also, if the string is cutting his penis, could it be possible that the blood is coming from him and not you?
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