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sexual problems

I really need help. I know this has to do with sex, and I'm sorry. I don't know who else to go to.
Me & my partner are having some trouble in bed. During intercourse, if i'm on top, I feel no pleasure. It's not pleasing to me at all. But my problem is, I'm always insisting we do it missionary, him on top, but the problem is that he is 6'1 and i'm 5'1. He's too tall for us to do it missionary. I don't like when I'm on top, but that's the only way he likes it pretty much and I go along with it every time. It's just not pleasing to me. What do I do? Do you have any good sex positions for a big difference in height?
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This is going to be slightly crude, but if you're on top, lean back pretty far and let his fingers do the talking while he lays completely still.  I think you'll both enjoy it
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Experiment! You wil have fun and sooner or later find somethig that works great for the both of you!

Check on the web for positions, books, even some porn. Some of those girls are very tiny, and those guys are big...and by big I mean tall... ;-)
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Doggy style works. Trust me.
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