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My husband of 27 yrs recently told me that he is transgender.  We are in counseling. He tells me he loves me and does not want to loose me.  He says he would do what ever I want. Today I found out he was thinking about taking estrogen hormone. I don't know what to do.  I love my husband I don't want him to be a women. I am so confused
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If you love her you'd accept her for who she is. Simple as that.
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Hi there.  Very very difficult.  I think we do have to have boundaries.  We can say that we still love someone but if they change the dynamics such as becoming another sex or wanting to very badly that it is okay for that to be a deal breaker.  

You married a man.  Give yourself permission to say that you either want to remain married to a man or that you would like to have your husband as a good friend if he begins changing his sex.

If you don't have a problem with it --  then allow him to do as he pleases.  But I think for me, this would be too much to ask of me.  that's just how I feel.  I want to be married to a man and would draw the line over something as dramatic as this.  

Sadly though, if he feels he is really a woman and wants to change----  will he ever be happy if you tell him you won't stay with him if he does, so he doesn't and then always wishes he had?  

I'm glad you are in counseling.  I would seek some individual counseling for yourself as well to get some clarity on how you really feel.

good luck to you
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