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weight loss

To those who answered my previous post thank you. I hate to post again so soon but I know I need to take care of myself for my son. I am having trouble eating lately ~for obvious reasons~ and I have noticed I have dropped a couple pounds. I'm not really worried except that my appetite is not coming back. At what point do I need to worry? I apoligize I know this seems silly but I just have so much going on right now it's slightly overwhelming. Also any tips on how to not miss my husband so much? Thank you again I do appreciate any & all impute
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I think if you feel you are starting to have a problem, then you might need to discuss it with someone.  You don't want to wait until it is completely out of hand right.  
On your question about your husband............ I have no idea, because I'm like you when my husband is gone at work, our family seems off a bit.  I truly love being around my husband and miss him when he is working.  Although I know my husband loves the time away.  hehe
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Who would I discuss it with, its kind of hard to bring up even on here. Also my problem with my husband is that we have been having some problems & have been unhappy so he decided we needed to separate & had me & our son move in with my parents
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I think you may be clinically depressed which is normal in these situations but can become a problem.  Several years ago I had a situational depression and I could not eat, even though I had two young girls to look after.  I lost 20 pounds in a month and I was not overweight to begin with.  I also had trouble sleeping and I was crying all the time.  I fought medication but eventually had to take Prozac for several months until the depression resolved itself.  I also talked with a pyscologist.  I know you mentioned before that money is tight.  Perhaps you can look into churches in your area.  A lot of churches offer support groups for separated or divorce people.  And most times these groups are non-denominational so you don't need to be a member of the church to benefit.  In addition to the support many have guest speakers that talk on more practical matters like legal and finacial matters.  I really do wish you the best of luck.  You'll get through this, I swear.    
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