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what do u tink

hi im new to this can use help me out!!!!
i broke up with my partner of 2hakf years we both oly21
it ended due2 him not wantin2 b in a relationship anymore i was gutted but were still great friends we speak all the time see each other all the time and even go out togethr in our time we've been trew so much
lived togethr
2miscarriagges plus a 3rd after we broke up
had a dog which we eventually gave away
he was part of my family i was part of his we didi everything2 gether i no he still loves me and i do him and he does say if he wanted2 b in a rel he'd b with me i dont no everythinhe's did an nor does he no wat iv did but we no a few things as we tell each other everythin and r 99%honest  i mean course we argues wen we were toghether and had a few fights since we were broke up..
and recently we slept2hether i new it was boun 2 hapen by how d chemestry was 1 day when we came bak from the pics...... which we do alot but it kills me 2not knowin what he's doing all day everyday ye no dat way or if he's out has  he a girl...

i dont think were over forever if we were we wouldn b so close orhav that chemistry wat u think
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