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Safe Duration of Advair therapy

How long can one safely be on Advair?  I have been on it for several years.  Also, I am wondering if my dry mouth and dry eyes are a result of this medication.  
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That really depends.  For some people the question isn't how safe is long term use, but how safe is it to be off it at all?  

Ideally an asthma patient is better off on a stand alone inhaled corticosteroid instead of a combination med like. The objective is to obtain good control and then ween to a stand alond ICS.  When my asthma flared 3 1/2 years ago, I had to have Advair.  I tried a stand alone and nose dived really quickly.  

An asthma patient should never use a stand alone long acting broncho dilater (LABA).  When used in conjunction with an ICS they are safe.

Many people are concerned about the corticosteroid side effects from ICS use.  First, the dose of ICS is aproximately 1/100th the dose of oral corticosteroids.  Because it is inhaled, the medication goes directly where it is needed and used.  Very little of that gets into the general symptom to cause side effects.  However, it is improtant that you use the medication properly.  The wrong technique increase the amount of steroid that gets into the symstem.  If you use any HFA version of any med without a spacer, only about 20% of the medication gets to the lungs.  The rest gets into the general system.  If you are using a dry powder inhaler like the Advair Discus or Asmanex Twisthaler, the proper inhalation rate is essential.  Have your doctor check your technique to make your medication as effective as possible.

I hope that helps.
God bless.
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I heard that symbicort has less long term side effects but after over a year my FEV1 scores haven't improved at all on it
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