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3mm lung nodule

I have a 3mm lung nodule that was stable and unchanged at 2 and 5 months. I have the next CT scan in late March, that will be one year scan. I am 41 years old and do have a smoking history but have quit about a year ago. What are the chances that this 3mm nodule is benign? Thank you and God Bless.
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If this nodule is unchanged at 5 months, there is a very good chance it is benign.
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why not have a biopsy done,this is the gold standard for malignancy
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I also have a 3mm nodule on my left lung.  It is in the subpleural area.  I had my first CT that found it in 11/05, the second in 5/06.  Unchanged.  I just had a CT last Friday and my doctor says this should be the last one (as far as yearly) if it is still unchanged.  My pulmonary doc says that 3mm is too small to biopsy.  It can be done but is EXTREMELY hard to find.  I see the doc tomorrow for my results and I can let you know what he says about time frame for follow up CT's.  He did say that 2 years of unchanged numbers usually (of course, not always) indicate a benign nodule.

Good luck.
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I just saw the doctor today.  My CT scan showed no change in the nodule and that no further CT's were needed.  Period.  Not once a year or even once every 5 years.  It was a doc at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  I trust that completely.  Just thought I'd let you know.

Good luck to you.
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Thank You, and GOD Bless !
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Hey,  I just got the results from a lung biopsy on a 2cm nodule yesterday.  I have several nodules in both lungs.  After getting the cancer scare from my doctor and having 2 CT's done, they did the biopsy.  It came back negative for cancer and they think it may be Sarcoidosis.  I recently found mold in my house and I think it may be fungal related.  
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I have been having sharp pains and difficulties breathing. To make a long story short, a CAT Scan was performed and I have a 5mm nodule/left lung.

I have an app't with my physician this coming Wednesday. I'm not sure what to expect or what he'll be suggesting.

Can anyone here give me a headsup on this? :-)

Also, please keep me in your prayers.

Thank you.
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I too have a small nodule in my lower left lung.  All I know is that I should have another CT scan in 6 months.  I am 35 years old and also have a history of smoking, although I havent in a while.
I too worry about this finding.  I actually went to the doctor because I was having discomfort in my abdomen.  No breathing problems, chest pain, URI...no respiratory illnesses in a long long time. (years) Anyway, she ordered an abdominal CT scan and it revealed "Mesenteric Adenitis"...still no real idea of what that means...and a 3mm nodule on my lung.  Actually, they seem more worried about the Adenitis than the nodule. Searches on the internet about this scares me.
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I have a simlilar situation too, and they found multiple nodules recently in both lungs, I have been around the web looking into this and have managed to scare myself a great deal with my findings.

I recently had pneumonia and the antibiotics caused some bowel problems, and due to the pain in my abdomen I was sent for a CT of the abdomen to rule out a problem with my apendix. They found a nodule in my lower left lung and sent me back for another CT of the chest which has shown multiple nodules. I have been referred to a cardio thorasic doctor and I am awaiting their evaluation which is on the 26th April. I am 28yrs old, smoked for 10 of those and have always been in good health. I had a chest Xray in June 2006 because I tested positive for TB on the skin test when I emmigrated here last year from the UK. The chest X ray was clear.

I am very worried about the whole situation and trying to get in a decent state of mind so that I can get on with things until I have answers. It is tough to concentrate on everyday things when the mind wanders and at 28 years old I find myself contemplating things that I wouldn't have expected to. Does anybody have any similar instances or ideas as to what this might be. I know I really need to wait to see what the doctors say but I have seen some sound and positive advice on this board as well as some geniune people who know what this feels like. Thank you so much and I hope everything works out well for you all - Chris.
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