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42mm Lung lesion caused by pneumonia

Hi, I am a 25y male living in the UK.  I don't smoke or drink as of Nov 2016 I was suffering with what I thought was a very bad cold/flu.  Several trips the GP with very little success or sympathy it wasn't until I started coughing up blood and having very bad chest pains (This was in Jan 2017) after a chest x-ray I was advised to go to the hospital as they found a 42mm cavity lesion on my upper right lobe.  Upon arriving to the hospital I was sent for an urgent CT Scan so the doctors could get a clearer image.  From the CT Scan the doctors were pretty sure it wasn't cancer and their main concern was TB, This was ruled out as contagious after 3 negative samples of sputum came back and I was let out of hospital with suspected pneumonia which I was given 2 types of antibiotics clarithromycin & co-amoxiclav and scheduled for a Bronchoscopy the following two weeks.  I've since had the Bronchoscopy which showed I had inflammation on the right lung, they also used a fine brush to take cell samples as well as squirting water into the lung and sucking it back out to see if they could culture any bacteria/viruses.  I've waited 2 weeks and now on Tuesday I get the results (2 days time) I am still terrified it could be something much worse like Lung cancer. If nothing is proven with the results I will repeat the CT scan in 6 months to monitor it.  In short the antibiotics have cleared all the symptoms but I still have a bit of discomfort in my chest but isn't caused when breathing.  I'm just looking for other peoples experiences and input as I haven't been able to find anything specific for my age. sorry for the long story but I wanted as much detail as possible.
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