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5 years chronic cough

My 39 year old daughter has had a chronic cough for 5 years.  She has been seeing an ear,nose & throat doctor for over a year.  She has had every test under the sun and all are negative.Within the last 2 months she has had 2 seizures immediately following a very bad cough spell. This cough also causes incontinence.  Now the doctor is suggesting to possibly remove her tonsils.  Could this help with drainage? She has not been prescribed steriod nose drops, should she try that first?
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Cough-syncope is where someone passes out from severe coughing.  Having seizures is a variant of that.  It is hard to imagine why taking the tonsils out will stop this cough unless they are chronically infected.  I would suggested finding out the cause of the cough as the most important thing to do.  If this is an upper airway drainage, then, maybe, inhaled nasal steroids will work.  If the cause of the cough is from the lower airways, they will have no effect at all.
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Linda Jo,
I sure hope some suggestions for your daughter come from others. I have had a 9 year chronic cough and luckily have not had any seziures following the coughing spells. It happens all day, every day. I too have been to the Ear Nose & Throat doctors with no answers, have had TB tests, chest X-rays, labs, all negative..
Good luck!!
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The most common causes of chronic cough are asthma, gastric reflux, and allergies.  I assume these have all been tested for and optimally treated by experts.  If not, that would be a good place to start.  The folks at National Jewish have had some very good success at determining the cause of chronic cough and resolving it.  It might be worthwhile asking your docs to consult with them or to consider going there for a full re-evaluation.  Speaking with NJ about possibly becoming a patient and insurance coverage might be worthwhile.

Contact info is available here:


They are the #1 respiratory hospital in the US for good reason.  Their docs and staff are excellent and I have had great results with them.
Good luck!
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GERD gastro esophageal reflux disease can also have the symptom of chronic cough. Many people dont realize that and once they are treated for their GERD the cough goes away. Usually it is when they have the LPR type where you reflux all the way up into your throat. I would ask to have tests checking for reflux disease.
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Do not be timid about getting to the bottom of your daughters problems. I had a very persistant cough for years and my family doctor was treating me for allergies and GERD.  When my symptoms worsened, I pressured him to move me up the "Doctorial Food Chain" to an asthma-allergy specialist. When  he was stumped, he sent me to see a pulmonologist. After numerous tests including CT scans, broncoscopy and lung biopsy, and discussions about sending me to National Jewish Hospital I was diagnosed with an Inflammatory Lung Disease.  Prednisone was prescribed and I saw immediate results!!  Side effects are difficult, but I could breathe easier and stopped coughing.  
     I am not necessarily saying that your daughter has the same illness, but your ear, nose and throat doctor may not be the ultimate authority.  At the very least, get a second opinion!!
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