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5 years of Cronic cough

The chocolate candy I was eating went down the wrong pipe when I looked up as I eas eating it.  The food was forcefully elimated by  my body three days later.  The fight destroyed my thyroid and left me hyper sensitive to everything my lungs are exposed to.  Cold air, smoke, popcorn...anything off gassing.  Volumns of mucous form and I cough until I can sip water or releive myself with a mint.  Is it possible to thin out my mucous so i don't choke on it all the time?  I am forced to sleep on my back because of the drainage.  Even the cat can't stand to be around me.
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The best method of thinning out mucus is to drink lots of water.  There are no other major medications to do this.  I would speak to your doctor about this problem to make sure nothing else is going on, such as a secondary infection.

From what you have described it sounds like the source of the mucus could be postnasal drip.  This is drainage from the nose and sinuses dripping down the back of the throat.  It can cause coughing as a result of irritation of the lungs and throat.  Typically this is worse at night when lying down to sleep.  Generally this irritation feels the worst when waking up and gets better as the day goes on.  Talk with your doctor to know if this is a problem for you.  A nasal wash helps remove mucus from your nose and sinuses.  It is most helpful when done daily.  The best time of day to do a nasal wash is before using any nasal spray.  Then the nasal spray can work better since the nasal and sinus tissue is free from mucus.  A prescription nasal steroid spray decreases mucus production by decreasing the inflammation of the nose and sinuses.  This may prevent the postnasal drip.  A nasal steroid spray does not provide immediate relief of symptoms.  It may need to be used every day for several weeks to months for it to help.  Please read our nasal wash treatment information at http://www.nationaljewish.org/disease-info/treatments/alt-ther/nasal-wash.aspx to learn more about this technique.  Share this information with your doctor to see if you would benefit from this daily treatment.
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A few important facts I didn't mention are My CT scan found nothing wrong.  I do not have post nasal drip and my
lung x-rays are clear. I over react if I eat candy, drink coffee, eat bread....these things all produce a tickley throat.
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hi - i've been dealing with poast nasal drip for at least 15 years. it's only become apparent recently that it's brought on in my case by corn products. at one point someone suggested it was a wheat reaction so i cut out bread and got instantly better - but it turned out that the bread contained corn flour. I can eat bread without corn flour fine. I also have trouble with instant coffee. There is often an additive to keep the granules free flowing, often corn starch. It's often also in baking powder for the same reason. If i make a cake with baking powerd i habve troule. If i make the same cake but substiture bakaing soda and an acid like lemon or vinegar it's fine.
Since discovering and eliminating the corn issue I have now noticed other postential problem substances - saccherine sodium is one - i react badly to toothpaste and somewhat to some chewing gums. Cholcolate is also a problem for me - possibly there a corn product in it. It's been like peeling an onion - remove one problem and another smaller one is revealed. i used to sleep sitting up becuse I'd choke on the mucus - often being jolted awake choking - very frightening! All behind me now I'm avoiding corn etc. best of luck.
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Wow!  Exact same symptoms with no relief except drinking lots of water.  Allergy and asthma tests recently proved negative.  As did Sinus x-rays. Also no acid reflux as originally thought by primary.  What's left to test??
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WOW, this information about corn causing the problem is a revelation.  I've experimented with a couple of things, like a candy bar (corn syrup) and immediately I was deluged with a flood of congestion.  Now I understand why I felt so good when I was on a high protein diet and avoiding all sugars and starches.  Doing a little research I can see corn is hidden in everything.  I think the food and drug administration should employ the use of a small corm symbol on the ingredients list of things we would never suspect to contain corn like instant coffee, flour, powdered sugar, vanilla flavoring, etc.  I'm guessing this is far more prevelant than we would like to know.  Thank you for this nugget of knowledge.
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I highly recommend that any of you that have reactions to food and hidden contents, shop at a health food store.  It is amazing how much good food is available without harmful ingredients.  At least the ingredients will be labeled properly.  I know it can be expensive, but it ends up being less expensive once you calculate the co-pays to visit physicians or prescriptions.  I have chronic sinusitis which I am now going to Mayo clinic to help resolve.  It has been a hellish 3 years.  I can't help but think we have totally ruined our food and air with environmental pollutants.  Why else is there so much illness of the sinuses and lungs?
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