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9 month old low oxygen stat & pnemonia

My 9 month old was diagnosed with pnemonia Monday.  Today she is worse then she was pnemonia but her pediatrician doesn't want to hospitalizer her.  He keeps saying lets wait to see how she is tomorrow.

Today she started shaking really bad (not jitters), very pale with red patchy cheeks, suken eyes, runny nose, wheezing bad, cough & congestion along with a double ear infection that looks like it could pop anytime. She has never turned blue in fingers or anywhere else. I took her back to the dr and he listened to her and said he could hear distress and he checked her oxygen stats.  They were between 74 and 89 (hit 89 one time) mostly stayed around 83.  They kept this machine on her for 15 mins and watched it.  He then told me to just watch her overnight and just see how she does and if she started turning blue to take her to the er. If I felt she was still the same and no improvement bring her back in tomorrow and he might admit her.  He has told me this every visit since Friday and said that he is stumped and is doing everything he knows to do but she is just not getting better.  She is on Xopenex & pulmacort 4x day, amoxicillon, prednisone, and Atuss.

Are these oxygen stats to low on an infant?  What about the shaking and other symtoms is this not dangerous?  I just feel that he is missing something and she needs to be admited.  

Please any advise on what to do?  I don't know wheather to take her to Le Boneur ER and have them check her.  She sees a pulmonoligist there but there clinic was already closed when I called so I can't talk to him till tomorrow and I don't know what to do in the mean time.  i am afraid to leave her alone or let her lay down to sleep because she is having all these symptoms.  But I don't want to seem like one of those over protective crazy moms ....

Please Help!
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No, you are not over reacting.  You SHOULD take that baby to the ER.  The O2 sat is too low, even for a baby.  The sunken eyes could be a sign of dehydraton and she may need IV fluids and /or a different type of antibiotics, especially if you don't see her getting better.  When you take your baby in to see a doctor, they see that baby maybe 5-10 minutes and they don't always get the whole picture of what is happening.  If your baby is having difficulty breathing, don't put it off!   Hun, don't worry  that other people might think you are over reacting...that doesn't even matter.  Your baby is what matters and she needs you to do what you can.  
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As a mother of three, I have had a few times when the doctor told me that everything was o.k. and we'd check back tomorrow. My gut told me that my child was not o.k. Two out of three times that this happened, my child was admitted to the hospital when we went to the ER. Trust your gut. If you don't feel that your child is alright, take her to the ER. At the very least, it will put your mind at ease.
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Your daughter is pretty sick in my book. I am not a doctor...but I was a nurse. I hope that you decided to take her to be evaluated in the ER...her oxygenation is a bit too low to just watch at home without equipment to monitor her. If you are still home, push for an admission or at least a thorough examination complete with an xray and lab work.
You aren't over reacting, you are being a mom! Always go with your gut, don't take no for an answer as far as doctors go. Being a mom my self, I have pushed for treatment for my kids, especially as far as my son who has severe asthma.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Sunny
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