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Adenoid drainage?

34 year old woman, tonsils recently tooken out. Radiologist called hypertrophied adenoids, ENT upon tonsil removal said he didn't see it.

Recently, I developed a cranking headache (back of head and sinus like headache)and a neck ache. In looking up behind my Uvula (with a mirror), I see what I am sure are the adenoids (dead center up and behind Uvula) and what I see is white drainage, appearing to clog up the opening like structure of the adenoids and a few white tiny white patches clung onto the "wall" right next to it.

Is this simply the nature of adenoids, containing this discharge?

I do have post nasal drip and LPR.

Thank you for your time.
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Please check with your ENT for the information that you are seeking.
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As an addition: no temperature and about 3 weeks ago, WBC was within normal range .
Prior to that, I had oral thrush with raised WBC, hence the repeat WBC after treatment.
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I have since taken an antihistamine/nasal congestion tablet and find a significant reduction in drainage.

So, could this be a reaction to an alergy or...?

Thanks again,
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Thank you. My E.N.T. suggested a follow up ct scan (in follow up during the month of May) for this December.
I was looking for anwers, without him, as I reside on an island and he (nor any E.N.T.) is located here.
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