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Almost a 4 month cough(only getting worse)

I am under the age of 20 and have been experiencing this never ending cough that has lasted since the beginning of Thanksgiving 2014. Three weeks into my cough I went to the doctor and he gave me an antibiotic that was supposed to take care of the coughing and running nose that accompanied it. However, if anything, my condition has only gotten worse. There have been at least 3-4 nights a week that I have woken up around 1-2am feeling like I'm choking. I'll then spend the next two to three hours coughing and dry heaving. This isn't an on-again-off-again thing either. It is consistent. My doctors tell me that I am of perfect health but what I've been experiencing seems far from that. Please help. Thank you.
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YES I have that problem also, I have had a dry hacking cough for months and twice had what seemed to be the flu virus ,had it again this week, aching all over , nausea , lethargy.Seems to be something new going around .
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