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Am I having an asthma attack and do I need to go to the ER?

I have asthmatic COPD.I've had attacks before and,ended up hospitalized. Those times I had a bad cough, wheezing, short of breath, and felt lousy. This time I was hacking up phlegm and having to use my rescue inhailer at least once a day. I saw my plomologist a couple of weeks ago and she said I had a storm brewing and had very little air moving iny lungs. She put me on oral predisome, an inhailant for my nebulizer, an antibodic and continue ny daily inhailer. I've finished all the meds, but still have a heavy chest, hiring in my rib cage, and feeling breathless, pounding headache, and feel louzy! No cough, no wheezing. What should I do??
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