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Antibiotic allergies

My eight year old is allergic to amoxicillin, zithromax, clindamycin, and cefzil. We have seen an allergist, and he said there are no tests for antibiotics and that "we have a problem." Can someone please guide me in what to do next? My doctor was hoping the allergist would help guide us for future treatments. I am fearful for any infection like strep throat, ear or skin infections, we have run out of options.
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I too have many allergies to antibiotics. Anytime I get sick (which is frequent), the doctors have a huge problem as to what they should treat me with. My doctor has suggested desensitization to some of the antibiotics (there are some that would help my lung infections tremendously and would be a benefit to desensitize to them). As for your daughter, there are still meds they can use....but with caution. It seems that she is very sensitive to anything foreign med wise.
I wonder if desensitizing is an option for your daughter, it is just something to throw on the table though. Desensitization is a closely monitored procedure, usually in a hospital (at least that is how it was explained to me).
I hope that you find answers soon...Sunny
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We are seeing a second allergist next week. I will mention desensitizing. Thank you for your response.
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