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Any insight?

I currently have severe COPD. Previous smoker with history of PE and  pneumonia. CT scans (3) in 2012 showed some small  lymph node action which did not grow any larger. Recently I went to emergency room with pain in left lung when breathing. Assummed pneumonia since I had a vena cava filter installed after multiple PE found in 2010.

Results of CT are as follows

History: Chest pain, rule out pulmonary embolism
Technique: Examination consist of pre-infusion scan obtained to
localize the pulmonary artery. The postinfusion scan was performed
injection of intravenous contrast. Post processed sagittal and coronal
MIP reconstructed images were obtained.
Findings: The examination shows excellent opacification of the main
pulmonary artery, right and left main pulmonary artery and a secondary
and tertiary branches and shows no evidence of pulmonary embolism.
In parenchymal lung window, mild emphysematous changes are noted in
both lungs. Diffuse nodular type infiltrates are noted in the left
upper lobe, new finding since previous exam. Associated spiculated
nodular density noted along the peripheral portion of the left upper
lobe measuring approximately 2.8 x 1.8 cm in size. In addition
abnormal pleural based densities also noted along the peripheral
portion of the left upper lobe. Differential diagnosis to be
considered should include neoplastic lung process versus inflammatory
No pleural effusion or pneumothorax noted.
Visualized liver and adrenals appear unremarkable
1. No evidence of pulmonary embolism noted
2. Spiculated nodular mass in the left upper lung with pleural based
nodules with scattered nodular densities in left upper lung.
Differential diagnosis to be considered should include neoplastic
process versus inflammatory process. Suggest correlation

Pulmonilogist stated that a biopsy was too risky (fear of lung collapse?) and stated another CT in 3 weeks to see if any change in size. Treating as "infection" or pneumonia and prescribed Cipro 750mg 2xday for 10 days. Pain seems to be subsiding but pretty much freaking out at this point.

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I didn't read the word cancer, hope it was not there.  Is that what the biopsy would be about?  

My wife gets regular CT scans because of past cancer, and in her case the CT has shown growth activity.  We see her Oncologist in about an hour.  The the test report in her case did not use the word cancer - but that's our worry.
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