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Asthma exacerbation after a bronchoscopy?

Is it possible to exerience an asthma exacerbation after a bronchoscopy?  Everywhere I read says that it takes 24-48 hours to recover, yet I am not doing so.  I had trouble the night of and landed on oxygen, epi, the whole schmeal.  It has been 50+ hours after and I am still not recovered.
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It is definitely possible to have an asthma exacerbation after bronchoscopy.  The exacerbation should be treated like an asthma exacerbation.  However, you should be sure that this truly is an asthma exacerbation.  You should consult directly with the doctor who did the bronchoscopy.  It could be a complication of the bronchoscopy, such as a pneumothorax or lung collapse.  You may need to be examined.  You may also need a chest x-ray.
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