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Back Pain (upper and lower) and trouble breathing when I wake up in morning

I am looking for help to lead me in the correct direction for my problem... I have lower and upper back pain everyday.  The pain is mostly there in the morning when I first wake up.  Once I am up and around the pain seems to die down, but it is still there.  I have no ideal what to do.  I went to the doctor and she sent me for x-rays on my lower back pain and they came back normal.  Sometimes I have trouble breathing when I first wake up and still laying in bed.  Again once I am up I am fine.  I take some back pain medican before bed but only then. I try to eat right.  I exercise almost everyday and I feel good when I am doing this. I do smoke but only 6 a day.  I know that I shouldn't but I do.  My mattress is only 3 years old and it really doesn't matter where I sleep my back is always sore when I wake up...Can you please help me figure out what might be my problem or what road I can tell my family doctor to look down.  Thank-you
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Having chest pain as you have described can be from many different causes.  These may be related to muscles, ribs or your lungs. This pain really sounds like it is musculoskeletal.  Back X-rays are usually negative or normal in this circumstance. This pain is most likely from a bad mattress and/or daytime activity, perhaps exercise that is putting a strain on your back.  If the pain does not respond to a course of an anti-inflammatory drug such as Advil, you should see a rheumatologist.  No matter what, you should quit smoking.  Now would be a good time.  You may want to look at our Quit Smoking Topic Center at http://www.nationaljewish.org/topic/smoking_cessation.html for ways to help you to quit smoking.  Also check with your doctor for other quit smoking resources in your area.
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Have your doctor order an MRI. That will show more. Maybe see an orthopedic doctor too. Has your doctor refered you to any other doctors? Pulmonary or orhtopediac? Ask for referals. What does your doctor suggest it might be? You do not mention breathing problems except when you first wake up, is that the only time you have breathing difficulty? How old are you? You also said the back pain is upper and lower back yet your doctor only did the lower back. What about a chest xray to check your lungs?
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I am 33 years old and no the breathing problem is only in the morning when I first wake up.  Once I get out of bed there is no problem at all there....  They pain in my lower and upper back is really bad when I first wake up but once I am up it becomes dull.  I know it is there but it is not as pronounced.  I think it may just be my mattress but I want to make sure because this has been going on since October.  My mattress is only 3 yrs old.  When I first told my doctor the pain was mostly in my lower back so that is why she sent me for the x-rays.  Now it seems to have gone up my back too.  I am going to see her tommorrow and tell her I would like to have another x-ray for my upper back but I want to know if there is something I should be looking for.  Something else is that I had a breast reduction last April and ran into some problems.  It kept me down for a few months which caused me to gain 20lbs fast.  It is all in my stomach and I can't seem to get rid of that unwanted weight.  My doctor says that may be the problem too since it is all there in my stomach, nowhere else.  The muscels may be the problem pulling everything forward and straining my back.  So what do you think??  Thank you all for you commments and if you have any answers please let me know...

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Low back pain means rheumatoid artrhitis. The X-rays are not able of detecting the damage. Cod liver oil cures rheumatoid arthritis.

Claudio Acu
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Sometimes when I sleep on my stomach I wake up wth terrible lower back pain.  At first, I thought it might be my kidneys, but I checked around on the internet in some of the medical sites and saw that sleeping on my tummy could cause lower back pain.  So, I have arranged my pillows so as to reduce the chance of, well, ya know, sleeping on my tummy.  I don't wake up as often now with the pain.
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hi JemmGirl,
I am having exactly the same problem as you except that no breathing problem.

Since 15 March this year, I have been waking up with a lower back pain. Its only in the mornings.
I have had x-rays twice of back and chest and thankfully theres no tumour.
The specialist asked me to see my GP and tell him to refer to a rheumatologist( as he couldnt find anything else), but my GP said no need for anything.

He said that since you have gained weight (7 kgs in 4 months ) its because of that and of your job, I am a computer programmer. he says every 1 kg on your stomach can have 6kg impact on your back. The reason we dont have pain after waking up is that body has got used to it and we have made a style of sitting.
I have also had 6-8 sittings with a chiropracter but was able to do everything he told quite easily and he said your back is healed, and I still have the pain.
He has given me some exercises and to be physically active same as you.
When I do exercise and walk, the following morning I am quite better, though again like you I have to sleep with 2-3 paracetamols, again the doc says its safest medicine in the world, and you should take so you can have a good sleep.
I am also quite afraid, as it can be something dangerous like neurological problem, but want to wait for sometime reduce weight and see how it goes.

You should definitely quit smoking I also did that 6 months back.
If you have found anything please let me know.
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hi JemmGirl,
I am facing exactly the same problem as you.
Since march this year I have been having a lo back pain and it used to wake me up in the morning, now its just there when I get up.
Everyday before sleeping I am taking a pain-killer and thats the reaso i have less pain while getting up and can get a good nights sleep.
3 weeks back I was quite afaraid and went to emergency clinic there I have had x-rays and blood tests, doc ruled out tumour by that and said to see my GP again and ask him to refer to orthopeadic or rheumatologist.
The doc tested my movement of legs and for any neurological problem but that was fine then.
My GP says nothing to worry its all because of your job, I am computer programmer and sit in front of a computer for 8-9 hours everyday. Also i have gained some weight , he asked me to exercise and reduce 6-7 kilos.
Th reason i dont get pain when I get up and in the day is that body has adjusted itself to postures where it feels comfortable, its when i m sleping pattern gets disturbed.
I also had 6-7 sittings with a chiropracter but found it useless as I could easily do the movements chiro wanted me to.
Like you i get pain on weekends where actually i do  nothing but sleep and watch movies, during weekda when I am active pain is less, but i have to sleep with medicine in any case.
If you find anything then please let me know, yeah my bed is soft and one of my work colleague told me to buy a therapeutic pillow (which I should be buying shortly).
I have quit smoking since past 6 months, and you should also do that, after getting this health scare I am not going to smoke again.
I am still afarid but want to carry on for sometime till something major happens and in between have a very good diet( I am trying zone diet) and keep active.
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