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Bacteria in Lungs

I recently was told I have heavy growth of Morexalla catarrhalis, a bacteria. This seems to have been going on for a while now as blood was coming up with sputum. Additionally, my lungs hurt all the time, I get winded real easily, have night sweats and am fatigued pretty much always. What should I expect? I went to the doc but didn't have the culture done yet, he put me on antibiotics as a first step. Been off them for a week now and it still hurts to breathe. I have an appt on the 10th but am wondering if I should go in sooner.

Anyone else have experience with bacteria in your lungs?

Thank you
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I would recommend that you see either a pulmonologist or an infectious disease doctor.  There are inhaled antibiotics available.  These types of infections take longer courses of higher powered antibiotics than normal infections.  Either of those types of specialists should be better able to treat you than your regular doctor.

Feel better and God bless.
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Thank you. Thankfully, I am in the care of a pulmonologist but he hasn't seen the test results yet. I will be calling on Monday to make sure they got the results as my research indicates exactly what you said, more high powered antitbiotics especially since I am now seeing purple splotchess on my back. I may even take a trip to the ER if they can't get me in sooner. It seems that time is of the essence here.

Thanks so much.
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If you research shows that it is a serious infection, you should probably take yourr lab report to a hospital.  If your pulmo is associated with one, go there.  Maybe he or one of his partners will be the on call pulmo.

Praying for you.
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