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Bad smell coming from nose..Found a Cure!!! Yayyyy

This is not a question but answer..i couldnt find how to comment or answer!

I have been suffering from a really horrible smell coming from my nostrils and if i sniffed i could also taste it..i tried actifed tablets and cattarh caspules but after a week it was still there..as if i had bad breath but instead of coming from my mouth it was coming from my nose..very embaressing as I work with customers every day and was sure they could smell it too.  So I went to the doctor and he gave me a nasal cream called Naseptin and some tablets called Erythromycin. After only a day of using these the smell has gone!  So there is a cure out there...its just finding the right one..now i dont know if its the cream that works or the tablets or both together but im just glad its gone. I have to finish the course tho. I was told that the smell was caused by bacteria that lives in the nose which had got infected. Hope this helps.

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Thank you SOOO much for the post.  I will relay this information to my doctor.  Hopefully this will work for me as well!!!
Hi, (please read)

I have the exactly some problem as you all have mentioned previous. And it is really devastating to see people hold their nose's because the air, that comes out of my nose stink like bad breath all the time. I have been to ENT doctors but they couldn't help me at all. They claim it is a psychological think and that pisses me off. It is not that I am suffering and embarrassed about my condition and then to be told that it is something that I fantasy about. That is just pathetic.

My question goes to:  
adip_1974 and Nosyparker,  has the coconut oil process, helped you guys? Please let me know as I am desperate to do something about this problem. I have had this problem for the last 15 years since I was only 16 years old. And to live with this problem in all those 15 years have been a living hell and it still is. I have no joy in living life as I have very hard times in my University, my work place, family and friends.

Please and Please somebody help me if you have found the cure for this nightmare. Thanks alot

For me, yes, this worked. The steps i have followed about 15 days and the smell from nose is now gone. But you have to be very active in keeping your nasal tunnels clean and healthy.

Coconut oil did a grate job for me. One more thing i used called "Neti Pot". you can search for "Neti Pot Demonstration" in Youtube and will find lots of videos on that. The product is very cheap and usage is also very easy. Using salted warm water passing through your nasal pockets will help release the stuck sinus and make your nasal pockets free. Salted water is always anti-infection and this will help release dead sinus from your nose.

Try this and hope to have you back in normal life. Good luck. please share your feedback after using the process.
Thank you very much. I will definately try it. What about the erythromycin tablets, did they too help you with the dissaperiance of the smell?
So what kind of coconut oil did you use in your nose.
What coconut oil did you use in your nose and how exactly did you use it?
Adip - did Doctors ever say that the problem was too much acid in your stomach?? That's what they told me. So and I agree, because mouthwashes and other antibiotics never worked, but acid medication worked for while though.
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I writing because my boyfriend, the past 6 months has developed a stale smell that comes mostly from his nose. He doesn't smell it, or taste it, so it is something I am noticing. Sometimes I can smell it from a distance. It smells very stale and not good. I don't know what to do to help him. It is very frustrating and a turn off.

I love him dearly and want to help solve this. I know I am sensitive to smell but there is clearly something wrong. It doesn't occur ALL the time, but most of the time it is there. When he brushes his teeth it will go away for a little but always comes back.

Please help!
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Hi I recently was horrified to develop the same drop dead smelly nose reek that many members have posted about. It was arguably the most appalling stench I've ever had and I'm 57. In desperation when it developed very late, the night before my family was to arrive for a weekend visit,  I tried a home made saline nasal solution. Using a 12 hour over the counter spray bottle, emptied of its contents, I added my own saline - an ounce or two warmed a bit- into the plastic spray bottle.My homemade concoction  was  made from a tablespoon of table salt dissolved in a 1/2 cup of water with just a small part added to my spray bottle. I then aggressively sprayed the saline into each nostril 6 times each, blowing hard every few sprays. In a few sprays I managed to free up and blow out some dense mucus from my right nostril, which I also felt relieve the sinus on that side, Repeated sprays followed by reclining with my head tilted back made sure my sinuses were flooded with saline and partially cleared. Though my nose was still a bit smelly, the rankest smell was immediately greatly reduced, so that the awful original smell was far less noticeable unless another person was just a foot away! To dry myself up further,  and hopefully maintain this improvement, I followed up with several sprays of regular 12 hour mist and took 2 sudafeds.Happily, this home remedy drastically reduced the smell from my nose, and only required another saline spray ever 4 hours. Of course the next day I went to my local ENT Dr. and he told me the smell was indeed an infected sinus with deteriorating sinus mucus that was causing the dreaded smell. He prescribed 875mg of Augmentin twice a day for 10 days, nd encouraged me to continue aggressively using saline to reduce and eliminate the nose smell. 72 hours later m sinus is clear, the saline no longer needed and the smell is gone! So take heart folks! This can be managed promptly and effectively with lots of saline spray used to flood and clear the offending sinus!
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Thanks for the post, I've had this problem for going on 6 years now and I've tried everything.  I rinse with saline no less than three times a day and use a steroid spray Nasonex at night, my ENT advised me to use Mucinex to help thin the mucus.  It helps but every four months like clockwork, the smell is out of control.  It never completely goes away but when it's bad I have to actually stay away from people.  This is my second ENT, I've tried every other doctor, had every ct scan and no one has been able to tell me what this is.  

I will try your solution and I plan on going back to my ENT with some of the information i've found on this site.  But I'm greatful for two things, one I can't smell the stench and second I'm not alone.  Until today I've not been able to find any one with this problem.  People helping people always has good results.
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I've been experiencing sporadic daily nasal stink for about 6 months (I'm 52) and at first was horrified that it was some kind of body odor - that'll put a crimp in your socializing - until I finally figured out it was in my nose.
I tried constant saline spraying (not much help at all) then went to the "nettie pot" saline flushing (that helped the smell a little, but really made my sinuses feel good!). The heavy doses of saline led me to using first vaseline, and then AYR nasal gel to soothe my nostrils. I discovered that this coating seemed to alleviate the stink for a few hours. So I experimented further and found that thoroughly scrubbing my nostrils with hydrogen peroxide and then applying AYR gel virtually eliminated the stink - but only if I do it EVERY morning.
I'm not sure if this is a recommendable application for hydrogen peroxide, but after about a month of this treatment my nostrils seem healthy. Just wanted to share my experience hoping it helps someone 'cause this is a nasty little affliction that doctors don't seem to have any kind of handle on.
Chuckles56, You wrote it almost 7 years back, did it come back anytime after tha?.
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I too have this very depressing "smell". I've been dealing with it for about 9 years. I'm currently on an anti-depressant to get my life back on track, and I'm fighting hard to be happy again. We can help eachother, THERE IS A CURE! No, I havent figured it out just yet, but I'm trying everything and I'm never giving up. Not just for myself, but for YOU as well. B a r e K a n v a s @ a o l . c o m

I'm currently irrigating with NeilMed Sinus Rinse around 4 times a day, tilting my head back not forward, and it It seems to be helping.    
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It's now almost March. You tried Fluconozole in early February.  How' is the nasal stench now?  Is it back - or gone - or what?  Please let us know the end of this story so we can know if we should keep looking for a cure.  Thanks!
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Such things are almost always bacterial or fungal. Rather simple, really.
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guys girls hit me up...  uc_ irvine1 @ yahoo. com ..... all together ok i just spaced it so it wont blur out...
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maybe its caused by sinus yeast infection...try taking virgin coconut oil 3x times a day
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All these months later - DID THE NOSE STENCH RETURN?  Has it lessened or is it still gone?  We need to hear from you so we can better understand what works and for how long.  THANKS!!!!
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Hi im 18 years old. Ive been dealing with this problem since I was 14...Ive had bad breath over those 4 years and I got a cold this past winter and my condition has gotten worse..I no longer have a cold but I ALWAYS HAVE TO BLOW MY NOSE...Everywhere I go people can smell me and its SOO embarrasing...I havent had a girlfriend for 2 years now...I can stink up a whole room just by being in it and its sad cause I KNOW FOR SURE PEOPLE KNOW THAT THE SMELL THEYRE SMELLING COMES FROM ME....I WORK AT A PLACE WHERE I HAVE TO INTERACT WITH CO-WORKERS AND CUSTOMERS AND ITS TRAGEDY...IVE BEEN WORKING THERE FOR ONLY A MONTH and people know that the smell is coming from me....I used to think it was my breath which i stil think it is...so I used to talk as little as I can then I noticed that the air I exhale was SOOO HOT....and even when I keep my mouth shut people are stil sniffling around me....rubbing theyre nose..ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF....i remember hearing a co-worker saying "that kids needs to take a bathe"...and its SO SADD because I AM A CLEAN PERSON...SHOWER N BRUSH EVERYDAY....and i stil cant shake this curse..THINKIN ABOUT IT NOW I CANT EVEN COUNT THE AMOUNT OV MONEY I SPENT ON MOUTHWASHES,TONGUESCRAPERS,CO-PAYMENTS AT THE DOCTOR,GUM ETC.....I WATCH THE NEW ABOUT PEOPLE COMMITING SUICIDE AND STUFF LIKE THAT N I USED TO LAUGH BUT NOW WHEN I WATCH I THINK ABOUT WHAT I GO THROUGH AND I FEEL THEYRE PAIN...WHETHER THEY DID IT FOR THE SAME REASON OR NOT....ITSS LIKE OVER THE YEARS THE SMELL HAS GOTTEN EVEN WORSE..AND ITS LIKE MY BERATH ARE DOO-DOO BULLETS....PEOPLE CAN SMELL THEM FROM LIKE 3 FEET AWAY...IM SICK OF GOIN TO THE ENT  and have them tell me about allergies...I wake up in the morning and I have to spit up so much mucus......I Stopped smoking and the problem still persists....sometimes it feels like i have something stuck in my my throat when I swallow...THE WORST PART ABOUT THIS IS....MY FAMILY n FRIENDS....They know I have a problem but no-one HAS EVER SAID ANYTHING TO ME....n IT hurts because I know theyre somewhat ashamed but they love me and they know saying something will be too damaging to my ego and confidence which is already low...THIS CONDITION REally showed me who my real loved ones are....IVE BEEN TAKING PRILOSEC OTC cause the ENT said I HAVE GERD but after 3-4 weeks of taking this I realize this is not where my problem lyes...I NEED HELP PEOPLE.....I REALLY NEED HELP.....I CANT GO THROGH LIFE LIKE THIS......I HAVE TOO MANY ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE AND SOMETHING LIKE THIS CAN HINDER THEM ALL.............ITS FUNNY BECAUSE IN JUNIOR  HIGH I WAS VOTED  CLASS CLOWN And now PEOPLE know me as "THE QUIET BOY"....and overtime they realize why im so quiet.....IM NO Womenizer but I LOVE WOMEN....HOW CAN I EVER APPROACH A WOMEN ANYMORE LIKE THIS.........

Hey do you still have this problem?
immune therapy
Hi, I`ve been staying with my wife for past 17 years with no problems. 2 years back i started smelling bad smell coming from her nose, at first i thought its from her mouth and tried to keep some sweets nearby so that we both have them before we can start carddling but it kept on coming back. And now recently i have just noticed that is directly coming from her nose. Please help what can, I haven't told her yet as i feel like it might make her uncomfortable and worst part is she likes holding me and so closely when we on bed. Its really killing me. Please help
Hi, I`ve been staying with my wife for past 17 years with no problems. 2 years back i started smelling bad smell coming from her nose, at first i thought its from her mouth and tried to keep some sweets nearby so that we both have them before we can start carddling but it kept on coming back. And now recently i have just noticed that is directly coming from her nose. Please help what can, I haven't told her yet as i feel like it might make her uncomfortable and worst part is she likes holding me and so closely when we on bed. Its really killing me. Please help
Tonsil stones..?
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thanks for your quick response and concern...I was originally scheduled to go back to the ENT in a month but I am going to make a appointment this week. It kinda saddens me thought that I have had this condition for a while now and it makes me think whether im in too deep and there's no cure....But since you've shared your story with all of us I have hope because I believe God has a cure for it  and we probably all did something to bring about this sickness and didn't know the possible repercussions.

I think we should all pray for each other because we're truly helpless people and we need all the love and positive energy we can get just so we can stay in good spirits and keep hope alive.

I recently brought a saline nasal spray and I noticed a change in my nostrils. The air coming from it is much cooler already and its easier to breathe through my nose. Maybe im on to something. I'm going to mix another saline solution with salt n baking soda and experiment with certain remedies until my oppointment.
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Yea I've been given antiobiotics. I finished them a while ago. When I first got them I noticed a difference in my overall health..how I felt, and how my nasal passages felt but after a while it stopped.

I stil have more of this one antibiotic called CEFUROXIME AXETIL I dont know what it does but it was the first antibiotic I had gotten a while back. When I went to the ENT they did a culture exam on the back on my throat and they noticed my nostrils were inflammed and they said I had a infection. The infection I had in my throat was  Morganella morgani...I took antibiotics for it but i dont know whether its stil there. I guess I'll find out on my next trip there....I cant take the fact that they serve you and tell you to come back 2 weeks from now or a month..as if your not suffering from something really serious.
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For how long you have the bad breath from the nose?  Mine has been going on a little over a year now and I think its getting worse because i think now it both my nose and my mouth.. I am going to try naseptin and see if it will help.  Will let you know after 10days of use.  
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Mine also the same problem.Bad breeth from last 1 year.
I used so many tablets but nothing won't work for me
finally i try to use Naseptin and Erythromycin.
Am from india.whether these medicines are available in india?
I don't know.if anybody knows india paramacy address please post me

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Mine also the same problem.Bad breeth from last 1 year.
I used so many tablets but nothing won't work for me
finally i try to use Naseptin and Erythromycin.
Am from india.whether these medicines are available in india?
I don't know.if anybody knows india paramacy address please post me

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I  tried the Naseptin but unfortuately didn't work... I have used it for ten days now and my breath still smell like my poo I'm sorry... I dont know what to do anymore since I have also done a nasal surgery..
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hi! I've had a similar problem for more than 10 years now...
Out of the blue my smell/taste change and everything i eat/smell is awfull.
Searching for a "cure" i found out, that using water through my nose and letting it out again (like washing the nose from the inside). It works, but it does not solve the problem.
Besides, the problem is only getting worse as time goes by. In the past it would happen sometimes during the week, now it happens sometimes during the day. I wash it and have it again after a while. It's horrible. I wrote to this doctor and he said it is definately associated with my demyelination (a brain abnormality) and i should search a solution in that direction. In another forum someone had demyelination too and the doctor said it has nothing to do with it.
I am really frustrated... I don't know what to do...! Everything stinks, tastes awfull and i can't enjoy my life.. really! What do we do??
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Do this breathing technique and it will balance your left and right brain and both your nostrils. Your feedback will help others to see how this simple exercise helps in so many ways. You are balancing your systems to fight off the problem.Do not give up before 4 months.
Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.
Anulom Vilom –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril  
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril  
then -keeping the left nostril closed  deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 30  minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years – do 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.
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Hi there
I'm Akira. I had had bad breadth from my nose too long that my self esteem was badly damaged.
Dear young_n_restless, this is what worked for me. I hope it woks for you. I thank everyone for their suggestions, so helpful. I believe the breathing technique to balance your right and left brain will balance  almost everything in your whole being especially supported by an attitude of prayer and adoration with gratitude to the giver of life.
Also the saline solution even home made is excellent, it also worked for me in many other cases like soar throat as you attack it at the first sign like itchy throat, curing a wound, colon cleansing, constipation, ear infection...If you can wake up early morning to worship God, watch the sunrising , love and embrace the sun and all of nature, you find out that the love of God flows everywhere  to give life abundantly, to heal and sustain us. Please keep your head and neck warm. My e-mail: ***@****
God be with you.
Thanks Akira. I feel inspired by your post. Will look to get closer to the most high
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Hello All,
I believe I’m cured.  Don’t give up hope!!!
I’ve been suffering from the same symptoms everyone’s calling… chronic sinusitis.  
The symptoms were a really bad, bad, horrible smell coming from my nasal passage and throat.  Sometimes the smell got to be so bad I though it was coming from my pores.

I went to see my primary care physician about 3 times…  a Ear Nose and Throat doctor once…
My Primary Care Physicians gave me meds for drainage and an antibiotic.  It wasn’t working.  I didn’t think a cure was in sight.  The ENT gave me some antibiotics and recommended surgery to open up my nasal area to increase the drainage flow… I really considered the surgery… and was about to schedule a follow up appointment to discuss the possibility of going through with it, Until…

I prayed to GOD in Jesus Christ’s name about this whole ordeal that I’ve been going through.  This wasn’t the first time I prayed, but when I did pray… a temporary solution was received… I guess it depends on how and for what I pray for; at least that’s how I saw it.  The next time I prayed I made sure I was specific and included as many details to the problem as I could.  My wife prayed as well on her own.  

When I was taking the antibiotics, I thought the problem was going away.  The smell did go away, but not completely; The smell was more manageable, but unpredictable.  I started to use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse; sometimes with a half cap of Peroxide.  It helped a little, but I had to do it often.  Then I got word of a product called AYR Sinus Gel.  It’s used to keep the nasal passage moist.  As I understand it, when the nasal passage gets dry, coupled with infected mucus makes a smelly day.  I also use Maximum Strength Mucinex D – 1200mg guaigenesin & 120mg pseudoephedrine HCL.  

(About 10 days ago… I prayed again that morning; being very specific and not feeling to confident about my day.  I went too work, completed my day.  I treated my symptoms with the Rinse, Peroxide and nasal gel… as I did every morning, sometimes twice a day.   And then I caught a cold.  In this case a cold was a good thing.  The cold forced me to blow my nose so much I generated a bag and ½ full of used tissue; over the course of the cold.  I was constantly discharging the infected mucus from my nose and spitting mucus from my throat.  This went on for about 5 days.  At the end of the 7th day the smell was GONE.  I THANKED GOD.  The sequence of days went like this.  ( I caught a cold on a Friday.  I was coughing over the week end.  We had a snow storm Sunday night.  I was off work / snowed in for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and went back to work on Thursday.  I wasn’t 100% on Thursday.  But by Friday I didn’t smell the same odor.  I didn’t really smell any odor.)   I told myself and made a promise to GOD that if this smell is gone, I would reply back to this blog and explain my ordeal so others would have Hope and read how my problem was resolved.  

I didn’t want to enter the blog until I was certain, because I’ve had the issue for about a year.  I waited for 7 more days… until January 21st, 2010 to enter this blog.  This medical blog is the resource I used to research my symptoms when I was looking for clues to my sinus problem.  I read some horrible stories and understood the stress people were going through.  

So in summary… Prayer in Jesus Christ’s name was my cure and the cold was my Blessing…  Today I only use the sinus rinse because it’s a good way to clean the nasal passage, I use the nasal gel in the morning to avoid any nasal dryness; along with Maximum Strength Mucinex D.  I use these products only once a day and I have no odor coming from my nasal passages…  I really do not need to take these meds for chronic sinusitis… I only take these meds for good hygiene and as a precaution.  

I hope this information is helpful.  The solution may sound simple and straight forward, but my doctors basically gave up.  GOD was my only option, besides surgery; which I hear wasn’t successful for some people.  

My job requires me to be in people’s faces for meetings and business conversations, so I understand the stress this medical issue can cause.
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Flex44 thanks for your post.  I too pray every day about this problem.  I am desparately in need of employment right now and NOBODY will give me a job.  I am going to try your method.  Did your smell only come from your nose?  Mines come from nose and mouth.
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