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Bleeding from nose/mouth at death

I'm not sure which category to post my question in, if anybody has any ideas, please redirect me to that category.
I've searched the web many times, posted this on other websites, but came up with nothing, and it just doesn't make sense to me.
However, I'm hoping someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it very much.

Someone I know was found dead in her bed (lying on her stomach) with blood on her pillow from her nose and mouth.
She was 39 years old, she had asthma, but was very healthy otherwise (a bit overweight), and she was perfectly fine the day before. She didn't do drugs, wasn't - as far as I know - on any medication, other than her asthma puffer, and she didn't drink very much - mostly on occasion.

An autopsy was performed, and I didn't hear the results for over a year afterward. The initial results came up inconclusive, the toxicology came back negative for everything. The examination of her organs found that everything was healthy, except there was macroscopic and microscopic evidence of asthma, so their conclusion was that the death is attributed to asthma. She's had asthma her whole life, I don't see how it could have caused her death so suddenly, without her noticing. It just doesn't make sense.

Based on this info, what would you say could have caused her death and/or the bleeding from her mouth and nose?
Any ideas, questions, thoughts, comments, please share.

Thanks in advance
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I lost my father a fortnight ago under similar circumstances. We spoke at around 11 pm and I received a call from an uncle at around 3 pm that my father passed away of a cardiac arrest. It was hard to believe because he sounded perfectly fine over the phone as per the health though he had a lot of mental pressure due to family issues. As I saw him on the deathbed, he bled from the nose profusely which was quite contrary to a cardiac arrest wherein the blood supply comes to a complete halt. On further investigations from the doctor, we came to know he was suffering from ruptured aneurysm which remained undiagnosed for his entire life because it is so dormant there are no particular signs to identify it coming. It was basically a case of a kind of haemorrhage which occurred unexpected while he was asleep and my mom could only notice him snoring too loud a few times before he stopped breathing. Smoking was also accounted as one of the reasons.
I am seven months pregnant now and could only pray to God that my father comes back to me as my child so I could thank him in a million ways that he loved us all his life.
May your loved ones soul rest in peace too.
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As a regression therapist there is every possibility that your father is returning as your child. However, it's his soul 's right to choose it be needs to return immediately, later or a long while later. Time will tell if your child has some of his mannerisms even though they will not meet his physical self. Bless you and your child remember anything is possible.
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