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Blood in saliva - mostly morning

Blood in saliva - mostly morning


I have been dealing with seeing blood in saliva (tiny specs - one or two, sometimes streaks) mostly in the morning.  I have been to the doctors for CBCs, clotting times, have had 2 chest xrays and 1 chest CT scan - all normal per the pulmonologist.  Never smoked.  Suffer from Gerd but started taking omeprazole when this all started after going to the ER a couple of months ago.  I also had an endoscopy done as well as a nasolaringoscopy where only irritation was found.  I don't have any cough, but do feel mucus in my throat and I have to constantly be clearing my throat throughout the day.  Doctor recently prescribed ranitidine before bedtime as my reflux is worse at night. Could the reflux be the cause for the blood?  I get really scared when I see it, I have been really anxious about this and have actually gained weight from the stress.  The blood seems seem to be in my mouth when I wake up, no coughing going on a night, sleep with head propped up due to the reflux...please help!!
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