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Breathing and back pain

I seen my Dr last week b/c I felt a LITTLE short of breathe and had dull ache in the left side of my back under my shoulder blade when I breathe either really deep or blew all air out. If I stand tall and straighten my back it doesn't hurt or if I take little breathes it doesn't hurt..it's more if I fully extend or contract my lungs/muscles or round my spine a bit and breathe.
She listened and said it was not pnemonia b/c air flow was excellent but there was some congestion in the left middle lobe. She said maybe viral but I don't feel sick.  She prescribed a puffer and it works for the shortness of breathe(and has helped me get a few very small green flecks out thru coughing) but not for the ache in the back. I am deathy afraid of lung cancer(used to smoke) yet she said it definatly isn't, so not to worry. Can she tell this by listening?
I'm going back next Friday but in the mean time I am so uptight that it is cancer. I am 26y/o, healthy except for hyperthyroid that isn't fully controlled yet and have a 17 month old dd that I carry on my left side constantly. I have no cough, no chest pain, no fever, no colored sputum..it's normal saliva. What are the chances it could be cancer? Life threatening? Or something just minor that needs taking care of thru antibiotics maybe? What is viral that could cause this?
I did get blood work done and my platelets were good(190) my hemoglobin was excellent(145) and everything else was good..I am just awaiting my other thyroid tests and my WBC results.
Please give me some insight for this problem~the anxiety is killing me.
Thank you
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Cancer is very unlikely at your age, but still can occur in a 26-year-old.  Since your pain changes with your position it is probably a problem with your ribs or muscles or with the nerves that go to the muscles.  Only from a thorough physical examination and a chest x-ray will you know if you have cancer.  This is also how you will possibly find out what is causing your back pain.
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I forgot to mention that I am feeling just a slight dull burning sensation in my left chest side under my colar bone and above my breast but it's not constant so I am not sure if it's anxiety or related to this.
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A new symptom I just discovered.......I take a deep breathe and exhale fully to try to dispell all air in my lungs and loosen any phlemg that may be in there and EVERYTIME there is a distinct pop at the end of the breathe~I can feel it pop inside right between my breasts and my husband can actually audibly hear it at the end.
What is this????????????????/
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You should read the posted discussion:

Sharp Upper Back pain - posted 8/27/2004

You may have the same thing. When I had pain when breathing I used a humidifier treatment and it worked for me.
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