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Breathing difficulty

I have been plagued by heavy breathing for quite some time. Well, it ain't actually that severe, just that I find it hard to catch deep breaths (peak).

- can breath deeply early in the morning or after sleeps. Not so after meals.

- difficult in defecating; merely wind and small-sized faeces; I have urges to go to toilet on separate times frequently but only wind.

- bloated stomach, mildly

- frequent farts as of wind

I am only 18. I don't smoke or drink. I am of average height and weight.

According to my doctor, there are a few causes:
a) High stomach acid: I have abstained from spicy foods. But not much of improvement.
b) Food allergies: not as I know it
c) Lack of exercises: I am not that inactive; I do move around a lot.
d) Lack of fiber: I don't think so. I eat a lot of veges and fruits. Besides, I had tried natural fiber before. Not so much of improvement.
e) Anxiety: well, this I am not sure.

I have undergone a lot of tests ECG, Thyroid etc. My heart size is normal etc.

But then, my blood pressure is relatively high for my age according to my doctor. Hence, is my problem due to anxiety?

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