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My Nephew (4 wks old) is currently in the hospital (going on 2 weeks) in PICU.  He was taken to the ER for difficulty breathing (chest caving in) and fever.  He was immediately put in PICU, and put on Respirator and feeding tube because he was aspirating all of his formula.  After 1 week he was taken off the Respirator and within 12 hours he was put back on the Respirator because he just couldnt breath on his own.  He was not Premature when he was born, and has not had any problems until now,  His RSV test was negative, and spinal tap shows no meningitis.  The DRS do not seem to know what is wrong with him. They diagnosed him with Bronchiolitis.  I am frustrated because we are getting no where, and he is not getting better.  I am getting the run around by the DRS and nurses.  Why is he not getting better!
Is there anyone that has suggestions on where to go now, or what to ask the Drs.
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I am so sorry that your poor nephew is having such a hard time. Bronchiolitis is often caused by RSV, but I bet other viruses can cause it. Bronchiolitis affects the lower respiratory tract, is not an issue with adults because their airways are larger than an infants which explains why children up to 18 months are most susceptable, especially premies. Here is a link that describes bronchiolitis and causes better: http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/b/bronchiolitis/causes.htm
I really wish I could be of more help. It is terrible that you are going through the run around with doctors and nurses. Request a discussion with his treating doctors (with the parents of course) so that all questions can be addressed along with treatment plans. Sunny
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Thanks!  We have actually found out that his cultures grew Hemophilus.  He was taken of the vent, but had to be put back on a third time.  THey keep saying he just needs time, but it is very frustrating that he is not getting better.  I am sure there will complications from being intubated 3 times!
Does anyone know anything about Hemophilus??  Is this the same thing for what babies are immunized for HIB?
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Yes, it is the same organism that babies are being vaccinated against. Here is a link that describes H. influenza better: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haemophilus_influenzae
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