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Bronchitis cough for over 5 weeks

I am a 24 year old male, who lives a healthy lifestyle, I play basketball twice a week and I hardly ever get sick.  I recently developed a small cold that turned into Bronchitis. I seen my doctor twice already within the past 4 weeks and he gave me antibiotic but I only used for 2 days. The cough only acts up the first few hours at work, I cough about 4-7 times, and it
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The most likely cause of your cough is the THC and/or toxins/irritants not completely filtered out by the volcano vaporizer.  Or you could have had a viral bronchitis or rhino/sinusitis that would have cleared spontaneously, had it not been for the vaporized THC.

Of course, it could as you suggest, be unrelated to this exposure and possibly due to other common allergens.  At your age, the cough almost certainly has a benign cause, yet still one that may require treatment such as asthma or allergic rhinitis also called hay fever.

You should lay off the vaporizer for a while to give your airways time to heal.  Then if the cough then doesn't begin to resolve, you should have your doctor re-examine your nose, throat and lungs and request a chest x-ray.
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You may have a light case of whooping cough.

I just had whooping cough and it was not as bad as when I had it as a small child.

It will take 5-10 days antibiotics to clear whooping cough.

Have you had a chest x-ray to determine whether you have pneumonia, or walking pneumonia?
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Hi Marie, I took chest x-rays last wed and they were faxed over to my Dr. I called my Docs Nurse twice to see how they turned up ,and I have yet to receive a call back. So either its not that serious, or they never got my message, or they weren't faxed.
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X-ray came out perfectly normal. But I still have phlegm type of coughs, which I never have a chance to spit out. The coughs start at work from: 9am-11am and then go away after lunch.

Since it has been over a month, is it a virus or bacteria?
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Sorry, didn't see the post Doc. Thanks. I am laying off the vaporizer for a couple of weeks.
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