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Bronchitis or Asthma with phlem in chest for more then two months wont go away help!


sorry about the long story but i have a baby on the way next month and trying to go to work with this is horrible just trying to get some kinda answer because have to try to work for the next 3 months while my wife is on maternity leave mind you this is the first time i had to take tow weeks off work in 17 years i worked i don't call off but once or twice a year if that

i have a question i have been really healthy never had much breathing problems sense right
before Easter when i had really bad acid reflex had a stuffy nose off on over the winter thought it was from dairy products or might have been a side effect from the otc prilosec i was taking because i stopped the dairy and stopped taking the otc prilosec not knowing that it would have a rebound effect acid kept coming up in my throat when i was sleeping would choke me so i had enough had anxiety about getting a tube down my throat but knew something needed to get done about it so i went to the ER like 3 times in one month because kept feeling like i could not breath they did x-ray did not show anything and gave me a breathing treatment and ventolin inhaler said it was bronchitis also gave me prednisone helped for a little then got side effects stopped taking it so i decided to go to a ear throat nose doctor he did a laryngoscopy on me and found that my throat was really red told him that i quit the otc prilosec i was taking because i read online side effects causes stuffy nose he said that would not cause that and side i was fine gave me 20mg omeprazole diagnosed me with Chronic Gerd an just gave me the basics on acid reflex about not eating before bed no spicy food pop coffee tea chocolate so been avoiding all that stuff went to a pulmonologist because still had breathing problems stuffy nose he did a asthma breathing test on me it came back fine but he said could still have asthma gave me some flonase 50mg said take it daily or as needed he had me do a allergy immunoglobulin e test its normal so then everything seemed to be going fine till started having swallowing problems ate something felt as if could not breath again like what the heck went back to the ER all they did was talk to me said my vital signs are fine could not do anything for me told me i need to see a gastroenteritis so i did they told me was most likely esophagitis i had told them could not breath after eating with chest congestion so they told me i need to get a upper endoscopy i did not get the upper endoscopy done till almost month later after seen the gastroenteritis in between then i can eat food fine no problems i had the upper endoscopy few days ago they said my esophagus was fine but my stomach was red said it was gastritis had lower irregular z line and they did a biopsy while they did it ill get the results in a week but that still did not resolve my chest congestion got a new family doctor the other day he having me do blood work this week he said if the inhaler helps with the chest congestion then i have asthma but for some reason i think its a infection or bronchitis because the phlem right side of my bronchial tube then few hours goes to my left bronchial tube goes in the middle when i go to sleep wake up i feel fine can breath it starts through out the night get worse in the mornings by the time i get off work me and my wife work overnights i work 5 days the 2 days im off she works i have not had any acid reflex because i been doing what the doctor told me been sleep one a wedge pillow quit drinking pop tea coffee anything spicy but the chest congestion seems like it does not want to go away spit white mucus off an on all day have a stuffy nose almost everyday with it unless i take the flonase then my stuffy nose goes away for most of the day

any ideas or answers anyone could give me on this would be very helpful thanks
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