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Bronchitis or Pneumonia

I got sick last Sunday rather suddenly.  I couldn't quite clear my throat all day.  By evening I had severe chills for several hours - then fever - 100 degrees.  By Monday fever was up to 102 and coughing was constant.  By Tuesday fever went down and hovered between 100-101 - still coughing - often uncontrollably.  Went to urgent care Wednesday.  They said I had bronchitis - but no test was done except for the flu.  Anitbiotics were started then along with cough syrup and inhaler.  Now it is Saturday night and low grade fever has persisted until today.  Still coughing a lot, can't talk - breathing is more difficult when walking around a lot.  Not much better.  I never had nasal congestion or sore throat.  Cough has not been very productive.  When I can cough up something - it looks clear.  I have been miserable for seven days. Do I need to see a doctor again?
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Yes, you definitely do need to see a doctor again, as you may have pneumonia.  Another consideration would be whooping cough (pertussis) with which the cough may persist for weeks or even months.  It is almost a week since you went to urgent care.  That 3 days later (“still coughing a lot and a low grade fever.”) suggests that you are clinically worse despite the antibiotic therapy and this could be a sign of complicated pneumonia.

Good luck
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