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CPAP headgear straps and Baldness

I've been using a CPAP with the full nose and mouth mask for about a year. Within the past two months I've noticed that I'm going bald on the crown of my head. I'm 33 and have been dreading losing my hair but the area of hair loss appears to correspond to exactly where the headgear strap goes across the crown of my head. The pattern of hair loss is actually has the shape of the strap where is falls across my head. Has anyone else experienced this or is this a known side effect of the headgear strap?
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My barber has recently noticed thinning hair.  It is in an oblong patch about four inches side-to-side and two inches front-to-back directly on top of my head between the ears.  It corresponds directly to the size, pattern, and position of where my Respironics Comfortlite 2 headgear rests.  

Since baldness does not running in my family and the patch does not appear to be male pattern baldness, I've been told that minoxidel would not be an appropriate treatment.

I am curious what steps you took and if they were successful.
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I too have noticed breakage at the back - crown- part of my head. I thought it might be stress etc but I have taken measures to reduce my stress level but there is no change in hair growth in that area. I have used every hair product that's supposed to help with damaged hair to no avail. I'm at my wits end. Anyone have a solution?
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