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CT Scan states small area of Parenchymal opacities bilaterally

I had a terrible cold or so I thought.  I was wheezing coughing with shakes.  They treated me with antibiotics and steroids for 10 days, it didn't get better so they did xray that came back normal, but doctor was not satisfied because of the sounds she heard in my lungs.  So she ordered CT Scan which showed small area of parenchymal opacities bilaterally with no pleural abnormality.  She said it was a questionable pneumonia.  problem is now a month later I can't even walk around my house without getting out of breath and sweating profusely.  I am exhausted all the time and still have a dry cough but kind od a tickle deep down in my chest.  I get head aches almost daily for months.  What is this?  What is parenchymal opacities?  Doc wants me to see a pulmonary specialist.  
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