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CT scan: Sounds scary!

I had a CT scan done in Oct to rule out pulmonar embolus due to a resting bpr of 152 beats per minute. I was ultimatley diagnosed with Thyroid Strom and admitted to the hospital. I recently read through my paperwork and tests from the hospital my CT says the following:

There are scattered mediastinal and axillary lymph nodes, none of which meet CT criteria for pathologic enlargement.

There is a 9mm sclerotic focus in the posterior aspect of T9, nonspecific. There is no evidence for fracture.

No evidence of pulmonary embolus.

Subtle pleural based nodularit medially within the right upper lobe, adjacent to hypertrophic changes involving hte right fourth through seventh posterior ribs. the findings may reflect reactive changes secondary to posttraumatic, healed rib fracture deformities. Interval folowup in 6 months can be performed to assess for stability.

I have never broken my ribs, or any bone in my body, actually. What could all this medical termanology mean? I showed it to my not-so-great doctor (wanted to give me Prozac for my Graves Disease Symptoms) who blew it off. Showed it to my Nerologist who told me to show it to my family doctor. SIGH! Is this something to push? We don't have great insurance (hence the lousy doctors), should I find another physician to look at it? Or, am I worried over nothing?!

I have had a pain under and around my right ribcage off and on for two to three years now. They have done ultrasound on my liver and gall bladder and said it was fine. Ultrasound on my kidney of that side showed a "shadow" and then the CT scan showed nothing abnormal. I have recently had a kidney infection of that same kidney and suffer many bladder infections each year for a few years. They "treated" my pain under ribs with ulcer meds with no improvement two times.
Thanks so much!!
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