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Can allergy stop me from breathing?


Male age 33. Avg. BP 120/75, 65pulse-constant. Severe breathing problems. I am allergic to pollens, pets, molds, insects.

Antibotics, no help.

(when not on meds)
  Stuffy nose
  Nasal drip / gushing thick mucas when outside.

  Sore red throat
  Long shallow breathing
  * Tight chest / sore from straining.
Also from fumes, smoke, pet smells.

Don't have: Baffles allergists office leading to a concludition of anxiety.
  No runny nose.
  No watery eyes.
  No sneezing.

I was told allergies -nasal, breathing problems -anxiety.
I had an asthma test, results negative.

Use a hepa respirator every day-(desperate), stops the reactions!!

I wake from sleep sometimes wheezing or tightness but inhaler fixes that.

New recently.
I am taking meds regardless of the anxiety diagnosis by my allergists office and they work. Was told meds work only mentally to calm the anxiety. Allergists office suggests the cure is a Psychiatrist.

Taking daily.
  Non-drowsy Antihistamine - Releaves tightness.
  Cromolyn Nebulizer - Reduces soreness / choking.
  NasalCrom nasal spray - Rinitis.
  Albuterol - Open air ways, stop wheezing.

My pharmacists told me use of inhalers 2-4 times daily it is too much so I cut back resulting in not going outside again. Please advise options. Thank you so much.
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What would be most helpful, in your circumstance, would be objective data.  That is, physician observation of the symptoms you are having and careful physical examination, at the time you are actively experiencing the symptoms.  You should keep an open mind to the possibility that you may have anxiety superimposed on your alleged allergic symptoms.

You mention 'an asthma test with negative results.'  We cannot know what that test was, but your testing should include allergy testing, pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and, perhaps, a methacholine challenge.  Your relief of symptoms is encouraging
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Couldn't play sports because of restricted breathing in youth.

Severe problems developed last year. Antihistamine was the cure for a while until allergies continued to get stronger.

Father has history of severe allergy.

I have 3 inhalers.
Xopenex HFA 1 puff every 6 hours.
  This takes 45 minutes to take effect.
  Works really well.

Proventil HFA 2 puffs.
  This takes 2-4 minutes to take effect.
  I use this in an emergency.

(rarely ever need Proventil during the 6 hours of Xopenex)

Atrovent HFA. Didn't do anything. Stopped using it.
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Is it my imagination that the xopenex helps reduce tickle irritation deep in my throat? That is why I use the xopenex over proventil if not an emergency.

And again. Thank you for all of your time.
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Follow up.

After being ruled out for anxiety I went to a new respiratory doctor whom identified bronchial swelling. Finding proof to identify what I had made all the difference. On medication now and breathing problems are under control. Now I want to reverse the need for medications and look for a cure.
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Hi, I was just wondering did you smoke any cannabis before these problems first occurred?
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Smoke. lol no. My airways close up before I could get a puff in. Couldn't even if I wanted to.
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The problem I had was that my doctors business card said both Allergy and Asthma. Myself being uneducated in medicine excepted that my doctor would know best. I was told that allergy can not trigger breathing problems. And it would be very rare if it did and they have never seen it. Something tells me it isn't that rare. If not for these forums I'd probably be on anxiety drugs suffering seriously with restricted breathing. For the first time in my life I almost maxed out my peak flow meter. Thank you very much.
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