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Can the process of wood mulching affect your sinuses?

At the beginning of August, the pallet company across the street from our house started mulching their old pallets to clear their yard; now  half of their work yard is filled with piles of mulching and this very large mulcher & crane. The piles of mulch are anywhere from 5' high to 10' high all seen above the fencing of the company. 2 wks ago I ended up with my sinuses filled up, fever & coughing & sneezing; I am also incline diabetic with high blood pressure, I also suffer from allergies to some plants. Could this mulching/dust be in the air and been the affect of my allergies/sinuses getting worst? It is still hanging on causing me to cough severely, and this is the 2nd time since they started this mulching that my sinuses has done this; is there something that I could do, for myself; and should I report this company to enviromentalists?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Well, that's unfortunate that there is this type of work going on across from your residence.  Are there any type of ordinances in place that you can check on to see if this is acceptable? Yes, I would imagine there are laws protecting the environment particularly so close to a residential area.   Certainly, it can have some reaction on your health.   You could be allergic and it's in the air.  Do antihistamines work for allergies for you?  The best thing is to see your physician to investigate further.  
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