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Candida cure and immune boost key to PND cure?


For 4 Month now, I do suffer from Post nasal drip. It started after I quit smoking about 6 month ago and taking some homoöpathics.
Since then my ENT did a nose sirgery, I went a little better since then but I still got this sick "glumb" in the back of my throat.
So now, after reading alot on the internet I figured for myself that maybe a poor immune system could be the cause for my PND. How I come to this. well I practise kundalini yoga, and after maybe 1 hour of good exercise, the symptoms soften. I also red somewhere on this forum, that a candida in the stomach can cause bad immune system function and this leading to PND.
So now I am doing a candida diet( it takes 8 weeks and is not harmfull), also drinking good herb teas like ginger and yogi tea in addition  to only healthy food.
Myq  question to the doc is:  Could this theory work? Any experience similliar to this?
And to all who are suffering from PND, you have my understandin! Is there any forum yet only for PND? Because hows is the idea of doing an anonymous questionaire about the pre health status of every PND to find a cause finally? and maybe a cure.
So keep it up!

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PND, Candida, White coated tongue and Bad breath often could be related to mercury and heavy metal poison. Where you got mercury: dental amalgams, vaccination, seafood? Candida is simply the reply of our body to mercury poison (even if this point is not universally accepted) http://************/forums/am.asp?i=1074566
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