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Cant Get Enough Air

I started having this problem when I turned 30, I'm now a few months away from turning 32. I am not nor have I ever been a smoker or drug user of any sort, however most of my life, I was exposed to smokers in my family and friends.
It began with chronic yawning that was so frequent that my jaw began to hurt. My energy levels decreased significantly and even after a good night's sleep, I felt tired. Then I realized that it was only when I was able to complete a yawn that I could feel as if my lungs were opening and getting a satisfactory amount of air. If I got any sort of cold last year, it went straight to my chest and I couldn't kick it. Leading up to my 30th birthday, I had suffered bronchitis and pneumonia a'plenty over the course of my lifetime. Now, I have to position myself a certain way to take a deep breath in to feel like I have inhaled properly and given my lungs enough air to feel normally.

I also have periods of dizzyness while laying down and times when my heart seems to palpitate strangely. Not race or flux in speed..but rather it seems to falter and every other beat is a strong *thump* in my chest. Its quite uncomfortable and has happened so often in a few minutes that it makes me breathless....something I already friggin am to begin with.

I know I need to see a specialist, and I have an appointment pending, but I have never had allergies or asthma in my entire life, nor even been close to being diagnosed as such. I am rather irrate that everyone else around me can light up a cigarette for 30 plus years and here I am unable to feel like I breathe normal. Can anyone tell me what its store for me....?  

Thank you.
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