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Causes of RESTRICTIVE LUNG DISEASE and prognosis?

History: my husband at the age of 39 had a heart attack. no prior health problems.  A stent was put in.  Now, about 2 years later, he got sick, chest x ray said not pneumonia, but he is very short of breath, has fluid in the lungs, no strength, blood oxygen level is very low, we just got the results of a stress test and have been told he has restrictive lung disease.  can't find much info on the web. he has an appt with a pulmonologist, but in the mean time my questions are, what causes this and what is the prognosis?  Will he ever be able to work again (he is a plummer/pipe fitter).  thanks for any help you can give.
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There are many causes of restrictive lung disease, including fluid in the lung.  Your husband's doctor will need to determine if this is due to heart or lung problem.  Then the doctor will need to determine the best treatment for the problem.

Whether your husband will ever be able to do physical labor again, will depend on the cause(s) of his problem.
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Restrictive lung disease is somewhat complicated to explain. I could go into great detail, but may end up confusing you. Here is a great webpage I found for you: http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic2012.htm

Try going through that.

But in short, Restrictive lung disease causes lower lung volumes over all. There are several things that can cause this. Fibrosis of the lung tissue (Scoliosis, Asbestosis, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) This is when the lung tissue loses its elasticity and becomes more stiff and fibrotic. Hence, the lungs dont stretch and expand as well. Another cause is chest deformities. Some things that can cause this would be scoliosis, kyphosis, or kyphoscoliosis.

There's a ton more I could get into but its very confusing. And I dont want to overdraw the subject by copy-pasting stuff like most people do here.

Speak to your husbands doctor, he should be discussing what type of restricive lung disease you are dealing with. I am suspcous that it may be due to some occumational exposure. Either the chemicals or cauterizing metals involved with plumbing.

-Andy, RRT, CPFT
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it seems confusing here, fluids in the lungs is likely heart failure secondary to his previous heart attack, the other thing the stress test (if you mean cardiac stress test) is not the test to comment on lung function unless you mean Cardiopulmonary Stress Test which is different than the test which is usually done after heart attack as a risk stratification. in general terms restrictive lung diseases are those in which the expansion of the lung is restricted either because of diseases of the lung tissue, the pleura which is the layer that cover the lungs, the chest wall or the neuromuscular tissues. the possibilities really wide. the lung diseases like sarcoidosis, hypersinsitivity pneumonitis, cryptogenic organising pneumonia, eosinophilic lung disorders, drugs like amiodorone which is a heart medication, conective tissue disorders and vasculitic disorders like systemic sclerosis, lupus, churg strauss syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other causes. the pleura is unlikely the case in your husband, chest wall diseases basically any abnormal chest walll structure and shape, neuromuscular like ALS, GBS. in your husband it's very important to know what is his heart function and make sure that the restriction is not related to his poor heart function if found (by doing echocardiography). if that's not the case then CT chest is indicated after reviewing his old chest X-ray's, and reviewing his history in more detail to narrow the diffrential diagnosis with him. tests may include (guided by history) blood work for connective tissue diseases, pulmonary function tests, and CT chest, bronchoscopy if indicated and even surgical lung biopsy if no conclusion achieved after all of above.
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other things forgot to mention is occupational exposure to asbestos, coal mining, fumes, and other dusts. the issue needs further detailed history with his physician
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I have a 21 year old son with asthma but since having an air purifier in my home that covers the whole house; I've found it to help all my children even in the midst of this WI winter - we've had no colds or flu or other respiratory ills.  Here's some obvious signs in your own home that can indicate a need simply for whole house air purification.
Affected Household Members initials: ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
Dust on furniture / Visible in air
House odors
Sinus problems
Sleeplessness / Light sleeper
Sore throats / Colds / Flu
Itchy/ Watery eyes
Coughing / Throat clearing
Lack of Concentration
Depression / Irritability
Fatigue / Naps
Mold / Mildew in basement & bathrooms
Pet dander and odors
Wood / Coal heater
Static Electricity

As you fill this in and realize how much is affected by your indoor air; maybe you should try an ionizing/ozone air purifier like I have.  It's removed all respiratory ills in our family with 8 children 19 down to two. I know breathing in that purified air night after night in and out, in and out has healed our lungs and even strengthened our immunes systems.  My air purifier is no medical machine, but it's sure amazing how good you can feel breathing in purified air that's cleaned like fresh air outdoors.
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Is this some kind of promotion? I find it in bad taste when someone is suffering from an obviously serious disease that the cleanair advertisement comes in. Susseptable people may think an air purifier will cure a serious illness.

Bad taste, looks like an answer when it isn't.
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We still have no diagnosis.  he had a bronchoscopy last thursday.  we will get the results tomorrow.  i will post here, if we have a diagnosis!  crossing my fingers!

as for air purifiers, i am sure they would be helpful.  however i have read that the ozone type are harmful to people with resp. illness.  i would never get that kind, they would be bad for all of us, and my birds too.

thanks so much for the links posted above, they were very helpful!!!

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I just recently went to a Cardiologist,to learn the results of a stress test, an ultrasound on my heart, and a sleep study, and to find that the right side of my heart is double the normal size and that the left side (obviously) is working harder, and they believe I may have restrictive lung disorder. I am very weak, and tired all of the time, and missing work, I am an office Supervisor. I am wandering what has caused this, and am curious to know any detailed info that someone could share with me. I have been a smoker, (very light) for 17 years, and quit the moment I received these results. (I am 34 years of age.)

I have inherited gout, and fibromialgea , IBS, Acid reflux, and thyroid disease from my father, which makes a diagnosis difficult because they have similar symptoms. If anyone can help, please!!! I need answers..
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