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Chest/ Breathing

I've been having random breathing problems. I suddenly feel as if I'm not getting enough air, but I know I'm still breathing. I also feel a sudden pain in my chest. I'm thirteen years old, and my parents don't know what  it is. Could someone please help?
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Tell your parents that they need to book you in to see your doctor.

Your doctor will listen to your lungs to make sure things are fine and is likely to get you to do a lung function test to see if you have asthma.

Sudden pain in the chest needs an examination by the doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions.
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Hello Yazzy,

I have the same issues and it's been ongoing for a while as well. Do you have anxiety issues or are you feeling a ton of stress at this point in your life?

Im still trying to figure mine out but shortness of breathe, if it's chronic, can become its own issue. From what I've read, from stress and anxiety your body can learn how to chronically overbreathe, causing a drop in Carbon Dioxide in your lungs. CO2 is what regulates normal breathing patterns.

So if this is something that is constant and you've ruled out other possibilities. I recommend looking into whats called hyperventilation syndrome.
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