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Im 29, male, 181cm tall and 138kg. I suffer from Apnea with no treatment being done. I was admitted for rapid pulse in the last week, but nothing was found wrong other than moderate hypertension (150/90). Ive been listened to, had ekg, echo, overnight monitoring of heart at a cardio facility with no problems revealed. My pulse is still a bit high, around 80-100 resting, 120-150 walking. Liver count slightly elevated, no diabetes or anything like that. I have had a break from exercise for 6 months and recently started again, low cardio.

2 months ago I started coughing dry for a month, now I have chest wall pain, shoulder blade pain, mild to moderate, especially when moving, I sweat easily and get dizzy easily, this is very recent. I dont cough much anymore. I also have occational diarrhea and stomach cramps. Breathing appears normal. I have had pollen allergies in my teenage years, but hardly ever have problems with it these days, and only in springtime.

This is really annoying me, I assume it is some kind of infection, but I have only had a very low fever and it goes away most of the time. All the doctors Ive been near in the last 2 weeks have just not said anything conclusive to me, just more or less blown me off, but it just feels very ominous to me. I normally enjoy pretty good health and dont get infections and viruses easily. I dont go running to the doctor or ER on a whim, but this has me worried.

Please help,
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Even though the cough has stopped, you probably still have pain from a musculo-skeletal strain.  This should resolve over time.  The rest of the symptoms are non-specific and similar to what many people experience from time to time, without significant disease.  There is nothing here to suggest infection.  What is needed is weight loss, treatment of the sleep apnea disorder and resumption of regular exercise.
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I forgot to say, I don't smoke, drink very often (and only in moderation) or do illicit drugs of any kind. I am not on any kind of medication.

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I am now receiving beta-blockers (third day, 50mg metoprololsuccinat depot-tablet) and can say they are helping a LOT with my runaway pulse, don't know about the BP yet.

It has also calmed me down, and I think a lot of what I was experiencing was due to psychological stress. My immediate response seems ok, pulse is about 15-30bpm lower at all times, exercise tolerance seems slightly increased, I have noticed a tendency toward an irritated throat and mild postnasal drip, but will gladly suffer that until I've lost weight and hoping to come off the drugs again by then.

If the BP is substantially lower at next checkup, I will ask my doctor about cutting my dosage in half and see if that will keep things happy, no reason to stuff myself with needless drugs.
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