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Chest X-RAY for immigration exam

I have take medical exam and I remember I went through TB Skin test in the past also and now I went thorough it again since I lost the record. TB Skin test positive with 12 mm inoculation. My X-Ray report says Results Normal with Radiograph findings as :
The lung parenchyma appears well aerated bilaterally without evidence of focal airspace opacity,  pulmonary edema, pneumothorax, or significant pleural effusion. Possible 3 mm calcified granuloma is identified projecting over the inferior aspect of the right 8th posterior rib. The cardiomediastinal silhouette is unremarkable. The visualized osseous structures are unremarkable without destructive changes

What should I make of it? Is everything normal for immigration purpose.
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What this is saying is that, first, you do not have tuberculosis, but since on the skin test you tested positive, that means you have been exposed to it at some point between now and your last test. It also means that each skin test in the future will show up as positive, as you have been exposed and thus your body will remember that, which means that you will always need to get a chest xray to confirm that you are negative. Just keep this in mind, as it's a good thing to know so you won't be overly worried next time the skin test is positive. What the xray report is saying is that, first, you do not have tuberculosis, and that your lungs in general appear healthy in that there were not whited out spaces on the xray which can indicate fluid, swelling, masses that should not be there, bleeding, etc. HOWEVER: they have identified a possible calcified granuloma, small,over the right 8th rib, on the back side. Granulomas are considered benign, or noncancerous, as they are simply inflammation in an area which has turn into a node or a mass of sorts. Being that it's calcified, it means it has been there for while. Here's where it gets important for you, being that granulomas typically develop from certain  infections, from tuberculosis, to a fungal infection (most common), it is very important to find out where this granuloma you have came from, what caused it, and if you still have the condition that caused it in the first placed. 3mm is very small, but I do want you to follow up with this as it could turn out to be serious, and it may be a good thing you had this xray and they found this. Have you ever had tuberculosis? Any kind of illness lately? Basically, you are ok as far as immigration purposes go as all they'll most likely read is NO EVIDEVCE OF DISEASE, but in order to take care of yourself and your health, you do need to see a doctor, tell him/her about what the xray showed as you do want to make sure you don't have any other diseases you are carrying or that this granuloma is a sign of another more serious condition,.If you do not have insurance, there are many free or low cost clinics that you can go to. If you have the internet you can find them online, or if you have established connection with social services they can help you as well. You could also go down to the public health department to be seen. In the long run, medical insurance is a good idea, and there are many programs you might qualify for, including Medi-Cal/Medicaid, CMS or other types of services, including CAPI-Cash assistance program for immigrants-which is a California program in particular. I hope you find this website helpful, as it is a great resource, and I invite you to keep us posted in all of your endeavors. Good luck with your immigration process, I hope everything goes smoothely, and I'll be sending you good thoughts and my best wishes your way! Take care,

Sara RN
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The x-ray does not indicate you "do not have tuberculosis". It indicated that you do not have the variety that involves the lungs. The mtb bacteria can infect virtually every area of the body.

Once infected with tuberculosis, the bacteria never goes completely away. It only goes into remission.

The calcified granuloma could possibly be the result of an mtb exposure.

I am not familiar with the current immigration requirements, however there are other tests that are a bit expensive that are available to diagnose mtb.
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Yes, anyone with a positive TB test will always have to have a xray, your xray sound lilke it is ok, The magic words are" Normal with Radiograph Findings".  Your immigration papers should be fine. Tell healthcare providers that you have tested positive for TB and have had xrays for it and they will only do Xrays for now on, no longer will they do the TB test.
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This is awesome. You guys are awesome. I am really thankful. I didn't expect comment in that much detail.
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