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Chest X-ray

Hi All,

I hope I am posting this in the right part of the forum.

I recently relocated to Dubai and part of the process of getting a visa is to undertake a medical. Very standard procedure, everyone has to do it.

I went on Sunday for mine, it consists of a chest x-ray and blood test. We went to get the results on Monday and they asked for me to go back for a 2nd blood test. This is apparently very unusually and nobody in the office has heard of this before. I was very nervous.

I went back today and got escorted to the doctors room. Thankfully, it wasn't the bloods that were the issue, it was the x-ray. She asked if I was a smoker, if I have been coughing and if anything runs in the family. The answer was no to all.They made me do a phlegm test and I did the second blood test. The reason for the 2nd blood test, is the first was just to test for HIV and Hepitatis (b?). This second one is to test for everything.

I just wondered if anyone could advise on what may have flagged up? If this was england, I'd probably be able to get an answer from the Doc, but its a little different out here and they just make you do another test.

Thanks in advance.

And if it matters, im a non-smoker, 24 years old and male in good health (at least I thought I was)
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