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Chest pain

I suffer with sharp chest pains on the left and right side of my chest and also my chest tightens from the centre.  I've had a few times where it is a dull ache just behind my heart which lasts for a second or two then goes and then all of a sudden I'll get this heat wave come over me and my heart starts racing and then I want to faint, and when I try and take deep breaths in, it feels thick and that I can't get any oxygen in, then I'm light headed and dizzy. I also don't suffer with headaches but the next day I had pain on the right side of my head which just started after I had bathed and layed down in bed and it lasted about 10 minutes. After that my neck muscles were stiff for about 2 days.  I've been to the GP and he doesn't think it is anything to concern about and it can't be heart related as I have been for that check up a year ago.  Is there anyone else that have these same symptoms? and what could be the cause.....
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