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Chronic Sinusitis and chronic dizzy feelings

Can a person with chronic sinusitis have feelings of dizziness or imbalance? If so, what kind of treatments would help?

I've been dealing with a disequalibrium feeling for over a year and was diagnosed with mild chronic sinusitis. The sinusitis shows up in an MRI I had over a year ago in my right maxillary sinus and was still there when I had a CT scan in April this year. I have not had it treated in any way. The MRI was ordered for visual issues I had been having and came out otherwise normal, the CT was ordered by a otarlarangologist (I'm not sure of the spelling), he performed all the standard dizziness tests, including rotary chair, caloric tests, VNG, etc. There were some abnormalities in the Rotary chair test and balance tests. He did not find any abnormalities with my inner ears or their structures and said the only thing seen on the scan was the sinusitis but did not feel this was contributing to my dizziness and told me to see a neurologist and I did but he didn't know what it could be either...

Should I be examined by an allergist or should I try something else?
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