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Chronic cough

I too have had this cough for over two years.  I coughed so hard I broke 5 ribs.
It is exhausting and debilitating. Dozens of Dr.s tried to diagnose it to no avail.  I have come to find that taking Prevacid with lots of water-only water -with no eating for at least an hour or two in the morning helps.  I have no heartburn or typical stomach symptoms, but taking Prevacid helped the cough and mucus-so hallelujah.  Along with rinsing nose daily.  It helps to keep well hydrated- just drink water regularly even if you don't feel thirsty. Restrict soda's- if cold coke soothes your throat just sip a small amount.  Cough drops also soothe and help the healing process in your throat.  I don't go anywhere without them. I also take chewable fruit flavored Tums with me, they will stop a coughing attack immediately.  Take old fashioned benadryl especially at night it helps with the copious slimy clear stringy mucus.  Mucus thinners and expectorants can be of help sparingly as they are mercury based.  Mercury will help your mucus but collects in the thyroid, your thyroid will swell as it collects all the mercury your taking for your cough and you will really feel strangled by the thickened thyroid wrapped around the front of your airway. I found using a mold filter in the central a/c, changing it once a month and being aware of indoor air quality helped a lot.  Take your cough seriously even if any number of doctor's can't understand it.  Coughing paroxysm and fits of hard coughing can cause strokes, cause rib or spinal fractures and shorten your life.  It certainly ruins the quality of your life.  Only those that suffer from it can understand. Do not let them misdiagnose you with wild guesses and give you medications that not only don't help your cough but are fraught with side effects.  It is important to rest- avoid exhaustion, heavy lifting of the kind that strains your chest or throat in anyway should be avoided. Gentle exercise like long distance swimming is very helpful, but not when your cough flares- just rest a lot.  Pushing yourself when having lots of coughing fits will always make it worse- struggling with the cough and staying under any stress on top of it makes it last weeks, months even years.  You'll find that it can be soothed/diminished with rest.  If your coughing attacks are persistent and ruining your sleep get a Pertussis test.  Pertussis also called whooping cough can lead to these symptoms even in adults that were immunized.  The protection can wear off, you can have the cough/mucous with no characteristic whooping noise.  If you aren't sleeping due to cough take Nyquil, it's very helpful with overall feeling better. It's a complicated cough and requires careful health management.  Resting is one of the most critical factors. Avoid stress. Follow this multi-pronged throat friendly approach  and cough not- sleep well- feel good.  I don't know that we need it to have a name, we just have to soothe our airway/esophagus, let it heal (you know coughing causes more coughing-it's a vicious cycle) and when it's gone- keep it at bay with these effective and simple cures.

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