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Chronic hyperventilation syndrome

I have not been formally diagnosed with Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome yet (none of my doctors know of this disorder), but have read about the symptoms and it seems my symptoms fit the bill.  I recently had an abnormal EKG (I had a deep Q wave-- which the cardiologist said it could be a septum infarct-- sounds scary?), however my echocardiogram was completely normal. I read on the web that you can have an abnormal EKG w/ this syndrome.  Do you have any info. on what kind of EKG abnormalities exist with CVS.  My symptoms are: a feeling of suffocation, palpitations at times, belching, sighing & yawning frequently (I do not experience tingling in the extremities or around the mouth).  Coexisting I also almost always have a stuffed up nose (perhaps I should get an allergy test?)  Anyway, I am 31 (overweight) years old and been having these symptoms on and off for 14 years.  I am having a hard time getting any doctor to even look at the fact that I could have this syndrome and it is frustrating.  They are going to give me a stress test and a sleep study.  I am tired of not being able to breathe-- I wish to lose weight and that is what promted me to go to the doctor.  Please let me know if what I am describing sounds like Chronic hyperventilation syndrome and what kind of EKG abnormalities exist with this disorder.  I appreciate your help.
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Hyperventilation is a symptom not a syndrome.  This means that the same problem can have many different causes including a variety of brain and respiratory problems that can need more specific treatment than
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Re; stuffed up nose. There are nasal sprays that can open up the nose, like Nasalcrom, and steroid sprays like Nasonex. Also saline nasal washes can be tried; and an antihistamine nasal spray like Astelin. Its important the nose be open so you can breathe thru it to filter, warm and humidify air going to the lungs. A consult with an ENT may be useful.

Re; Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome, see:
Hyperventilation syndrome and Asthma - Just think about it ....
"The respiratory symptoms associated with this syndrome include shortness of breath, usually described as "air hunger" - a need to take a deep, satisfying breath, accompanied by a feeling of difficulty in inflating the lungs-, a small dry cough, the impression of a tickle in the throat. Most hyperventilators tend to sigh or yawn frequently and typically adopt a pattern of thoracic instead of diaphragmatic breathing..........
In fact, the presence of asthma does not exclude the diagnosis of hyperventilation. Both conditions are frequently associated.....
The investigation of a subject suspected of hyperventilation syndrome should include a systematic questionnaire and a good physical examination with some screening test to eliminate treatable conditions : pulmonary function test including a methacholine or histamine challenge test, chest X-ray, EKG and biochemical test. If needed, other tests may complete the investigation such as a stress test, a coronarography, a brain CT scan or thyroid tests."
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