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Chronic post nasal drip for over a year

I had a sinus infection that did not clear up...this lead to one of the worst ear infections a dr in NYNY had ever seen.  So, I had a head infection for over 2 months.  I had to take 5 rounds of antibiotics...the infection cleared, but then I developed a severe post nasal drip...mostly on the right ear, which is where the infection occurred. I have seen 5 ENT's and all of them say there is nothing physically wrong with me.  I went to allergists, oral surgeons, got MRI's, cat scans...and still "you are fine.'  I have suffered from this chronic condition for over a year, and I have been in the ER 3 times for it.  Still, nothing.  I also have been seeing a naturopath, and use acupuncture.  He says I have eustachian tube dysfunction.  My ENT says it may clear up, maybe not.  They give me nothing.  I am now incapacitated.  I spend all day and night agonizing with this dripping. Does anyone else know what to do, or what it may be?  I cannot live with this anymore.
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