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Constant Burning Feeling in Lungs

I am a 38 yr/old male, who smoked for about 5 years in my late 20's.  I have not smoked in about 10 years, however, I am getting a burning feeling in my lungs and some shortness of breath while talking...  It's very strange, since I am active (play soccer, exercise regularly) I am used to lungs burning when strenoulsly exercising but not just while resting.

I have no other symptoms, in terms of post nasal drip or acid reflux, but my symptoms appeard after being sick with a bad cold and have persisited for about a month, slightly getting better (in terms of a cough on exhale) but the burning sensation still remains.  I do not have a productive cough, more of a breathless feeling that leads to a cough.

Anyone else out there in the same boat?  What should be the next course of action?

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yes I am too I am 25 years old been a smoker for 9 years. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks but this not like a panic attack I have ever had. I still smoke and it seems it happens when I am going to bed or if I go long periods with out smoking at my job... I don't know what it is but it's definately a concern of mine.
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i was told i had acid,but it was a infection that was only detected by a blood test.
three days of takin antibiotics has reduced the burning drastically.
demand a blood test and start taking your antibiotics asap as in my case they was my best friend.
i have been bed bound for 2 weeks but can sit up today and talk aswell.
happy days!!
hope that helped.
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Your situation sounds exactly like mine, I have recently quit ( 5 days in) and the top of my lungs are on fire. I also suffer from anxiety and have experienced the feeling when having an attack but I am quite calm right now. Its also worse at bedtime. Did you ever find out what it was?
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