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Constant Cough

Hey, i have suffered from sinus problems in the pass and have been treated with a fair amount of success. Around lat year i had a throat infection, then i had a cough which lasted about 3 or 4 months. When i finaly went to an ENT he said that mu sinuses were dripping on my throat constanly causing me to cough. He gave me flixonase and clarinase and that helped and stopped the cough. This year around the same march period it happened again but at first i only had the sore throat. After that was treated the cough started so as soon as it did i went back to the ENT whom gave me the same medication as the year before. This did not work. After a week my cough got worse so i went back and the doctor placed me on sick leave for a week and in addition to the medication he gave me before he gave me flixotide and a cough syrup. My cough has gotten even worse, i have even gotten dizzy and my feet gave out after one of my coughing spells. I need help. What can i do to stop this cough?
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That both episodes occurred in the spring suggests that you may be having allergic rhinitis, and possibly sinusitis, in response to springtime allergens, primarily to tree pollen.  On the other hand 2 episodes at the same time of year does not establish a pattern and it is possible that last year’s and this year’s illnesses have a different cause.  For example, the illness in 2009 may be caused by an infection due to a virus or bacterium such as those that cause pneumonia, bronchitis or pertussis, commonly called whooping cough.

The first step is to determine the cause of your persistent cough.  Since there are many causes, the ENT specialist may not be the person to diagnose a cause that does not match with his/her specialty.  In that case you should consult with your primary care physician.

Some cough syrups are stronger than others.  You may need a stronger cough syrup, for example one that contains Hydrocodone, called Tussionex.  If the problem does reside in your nose or sinuses, with postnasal drip, you might benefit from nasal washes 2 to 4 times daily to remove mucus from the nose and sinuses.  To learn more about this technique please read our nasal wash treatment information by copying and pasting this address


into the address window of your internet browser.  Share this information with your doctor to see if you would benefit from this daily treatment.

A harsh cough can make one dizzy or even faint.  Take precautions when you start to cough, to position yourself so that you will not be in danger of falling downstairs or from an unguarded height.

Good luck.
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