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Constant phlegm in throat

For about a year now, it feels like I have phlegm/mucus stuck in my throat and can't completely clear my throat. Also when I cough, its a lil wet and there is phlegm.

When I started to have the problem, I went to the doc and he said it just may be sinuses and sent me on my way... but never went away.

I went to the doc while I was in Basic Training in SC... then went to GA for 4 months... back to FL for a few months (where i use to live) and now I am in NC.... never went away so I don't think it has anything to do with sinuses...?
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A year later but I've just read your note and have to wonder and agree that polution is the root cause.  Two month ago I was in Colorado and experienced no symptoms whatsoever -- even eliminated all meds.  Now back home in Florida, I'm back on the meds with no improvement.  Thanks for your encouraging word.  B. A.
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I THINK I HAVE THIS PROBLEM.. REALLY   I have felt that I had meningitis in January of 2012. I went to Knoxville to an ear, nose, and throat specialist, but nothing had been  confirmed.  Then most very recently, I have been taking Ceflaxin for Lyme's disease.  and the same process started.  Coughing and unable to catch my breath unlesss I spit up mucous, and tons and tons of it.   So, now I am getting the back of the neck sharp pains and the cold is getting worse, and the throwing up is persisting.  And my nose feels as though the tissue is dead, but the back of my head hurts so bad.  Just in the past month, after I started taking the pills.   But the Lyme's with the fevers of over 100  never got to be registered as the fevers came and went and every Summer they got worse.  But the Lyme's has been caught, although I have been bitten by hundreds of mosquitos.....not just ticks.  the Deer tick disease is really bad if you live in Maryland.  The medicine must have caused this phlegm clearing of a really ancient infection that mutated into the walls of my tissue in my lungs perhaps.  Now I feel better but have to someday get treatment for this.  Really, what has helped is constant Epsoms baths...and tea, and vinegar teaspoons with the mother. Hopefully when I stop the antibiotics it will cease, but I am definitely going to check the spinal fluid theory.  Thank you,
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Hello c2sbi and Jen176. I  I have the same problem as you two and it is driving me crazy. My problem started when I had my tonsils removed. I am constantly hacking all day long trying to get the phlegm out. There are times when the phlegm is so bad that I almost feel like I can't breathe.  
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Hi, I've been having for a few months. I have lupus diagnosed 20 yrs ago. I occasionly get pleurisy attacks, they're vry painful. During these attack I feel that I can't get a breath in bcuz of the swelling in the pleural lining around. At times I feel like I can't I can't move well, it gives then sense that someone is stabbing in the chest. As the symptoms subsides I end with the constant phlegm, it is quite bothersome to be constantly clearing, my throat, somtimes my throat mucus doesnt  drink or eat throut it's bothersome . My doc gives me for medoral dose pack, and prilosac which helps eliviate the sWelling. My voice has changed to a rasp one. And when this happens I start panicking, major which makes it worse. But anyways I've been given a steroid dose pack prilosac and an anxiety . These were helpful problem sub seeded. You should try probiotics once a day, I'm not a doctor but probiotic is vitamin, but check with your GP or ENT
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Last night I went to the ER with phlem and nose mucus.  Same problems as listed by most above.  All testings continue to come back as normal.  I have never smoked but always suffered from allergies in the dry environments.  I now live in North Carolina and have been living perfectly fine without allergy meds for the past 8 years.  We (for various reasons) have acquired 4 different dogs.  Throughout the past 5 years our carpets have been abused by so many dogs and I'm not referring to wear and tear.  Despite immediate cleaning, the odor became to be overwhelming.  We made the choice of pulling all the carpets from the 1st floor.  When carpets were pulled (we vacuumed before removing carpets) a strong odor penetrated the air and tons of dust floated as well.  As of that day, I have not been able to clear my  Symptoms.  I have been given all sorts of prescriptions that do nothing to give me relief.  Last night the ER diagnosed me bronchitis and gave me a breathing treatment and the spray that people use when they have Asthma.
So far, no relief!  Our house is covered with dust including the walls.  We still need to do the rest of the floors that are unfinished.  My symptoms are pretty bad right now; therefore, I need to leave the house until this do-it-yourself project is completed.  I want to temporarly head to a different state and see if the environment clears me up.
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Hi, I think I have a hunch to what this is. First ENTs don't know too much about bacterial or fungal infections. Have you ever had an infection in your sinuses before? Or a bad cold/flu that created some infection?
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I've had this problem quite a few years back.  A doctor explained that when phlegm builds up in my throat and does not go down, that fibers in my throat them push the phlegm upwards until I cough for re-swallow (a-hem).

He prescribed a medicine (sorry, I don't recall the name) that causes the fibers in the throat to go numb, which forces the phlegm to only go down.  I used this medicine for about a week and the problem was gone.  This solution worked for me.
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I don't eat dairy and I have it!
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Sounds like we have the same problem.  Do you by chance remember if the medication was Lidocaine?  

Did you actually get numbness in your throat/mouth area after taking the medication? How long did you take the medication and the problem never came back?

Do not take lidocaine if have any heart issues of Arythmia/heart skip.  Dentist sub pushed 7 shots of, nearly put me into stroke/or heart attack.. MY heart went to pumping like a jet engine.. IF HE checked my file, it told i had Arythmia issues.. HE should notgave me Lidocaine.. An HE did not tell me what he was pushing. . I assumed what my Regular dentist used.. so did not question it .
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I had the same problem for 5 month now . The doctor told me I have post nasal drip .He described me avamys nasal spray and sinomarine .now after 6 weak I'm better .mucinex helped too . I also had sore throat 3or4times a weak but I think this was because of a dental problem . It has improved after I treated my tooth .
The continuous mucous May also be due to G.I.T reflux so you may see a doctor but don't give up .
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I had the same problem for 5 month now . The doctor told me I have post nasal drip .He described me avamys nasal spray and sinomarine .now after 6 weak I'm better .mucinex helped too . I also had sore throat 3or4times a weak but I think this was because of a dental problem . It has improved after I treated my tooth .
The continuous mucous May also be due to G.I.T reflux so you may see a doctor but don't give up .
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hi all
just read through all - I share symtoms - had it all my life(62yrs)
bout time I did something about it:-)
from this thread I have gleaned - maybe cut out dairy. Possibly this drug Talak is on about.
my further complication is snoring & I think has some association - complicated by the fact I enjoy a drink
will give the chop out the dairy ago.....tough to do...& will report back
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Hi all!

I'll be short.
Same symptoms for 10 years now.
First time I realized I had something like this was on the cruise ships. I was working there already for 2 years.

I was hearing some guys clearing their throats in the bathroom like it was their last breath, but sometimes. now I get to that point too.

Environment [when I got it]
1. Cruise ships
2. Tropical environment
3. Air conditioning [massive]
4. Huge mass of people

1. Grew up in the mountains [never had problems with health]
2. Gone back in vacation, situation almost cleared

1. Phlegm at the back of the throat
2. Morning spit brownish
3. Feeling like the uvula is not doing what it suppose to do
4. Really dry throat in the morning
5. Snoring! I never had this problem. Now I snore like a bear.

Possible causes [in my case]:
1. Some bug in the AC
2. Too much cold/hot change going in and out of AC environment
3. Picking nose because too dry

Possible remedies [natural ones]:
Ok. I look at remedies as eliminating the causes. I think it's the best way. This is what I do and it works for me.

1. I stopped picking my nose.
Even the smallest finger in the nose scratches the interior of it and causes bleeding. The bleeding is like a pinhole in a water pipe. It's not red blood. It's liquid that leaks for a long period of time and accumulates in the throat because it's the natural way to flow. In the evening before I go to bed, I take a drop of cooking oil and dab it inside the nostrils. One drop each. That coats them and keeps any leak, stopping them. Plus, it loosens the mucus in a dry nose and clears the way.

2. I was snorkeling or going deep in salt ocean water without the gear and I noticed that every time when I was done and bending to dry my hair, my nose would literally run like a waterfall. At that time I was stupid to not understand that my sinuses were clearing, so I was stopping the process embarrassed. Now I would love to catch a situation like that.

3. Tried flu and cough medications. The worst scenario. It dry my respiratory ways, the loungs felt heavy and short of breath. Stupid... If a car runs out of gas, you don't put diesel in it...

So, That was for me and I hope it help you too.
By the way: exercise helps a lot because it puts your entire system in balance. Not heavy exercise, but let's say twice that you're doing right now... And if you don't do, it's time to start.

I have to say this is some good advice :) I have the same issues you have in the morning and yes i pick my nose. I was wondering if you think putting a salt and warm water solution either in my nose or my throat to loosen mucus is a good idea? You mentioned a situation in sea water. I have a feeling its either the cold-hot back and forth. I also think its more dry and wet. I live in south GA and its very wet and moist here, but during the winter the heaters make it very dry. But, I was having this problem in the summer, spring, and fall. I also think it might be environmental issue, like dust, mold, or some type of allergen. Usually, dust makes my eyes and nose itch and water, But i dont have that problem. Its just constant mucus. Either brown, green or yellow. Sometimes its white, but its always there!!! I get no relief. Also im a smoker....but Ive never had this issue till i moved into an older house. It might be the house. UGH...
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I grow up all my life with dairy and never had problems like this. So, no dairy in my case...
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So after multiple doctors including an ENT I found out my phlegm problem in the throat is caused by acid reflux or in my case silent reflux which feels like post nasal drip. I got a prescription for acid reflux and I also used Prilosec but what helped the most by far are these simple things:

- Pro-biotic pills (14 billion cultures) one pill, once a day

- High pH alkaline water. Icelandic bottled water is 8.8 pH as well as Evamor. Look for any bottled water of 8 or higher pH.

- Limit intake of coffee and alcohol.  I only drink one cup of coffee a day and when I drink alcohol it's only white wine or vodka. For me beer real brings up the phlegm in the throat.

- DO NOT eat 4 hours before going to bed.

Since I simultaneously did all these at once I'm not too sure if any work better than he others but together it seems to be helping so far.
thank you, your post has been helpful to me.
Very interesting, thanks!
In my case it is "silent reflux"  Symptoms also include food getting stuck in my throat and difficulty swallowing. It's controlled through diet. There are lots of websites with dietary information. It starts with NO acidic foods or food additives, including citric acid, which is in almost everything.
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I was diagnosed with broccial infection and since then been suffering from Post nasal drainage. This was years ago. I stay away from  dairy and is taking Aliplex from dr and it helped some..at first. Now and also then, it feels like I have a lump in my throat. I can actually feel the drainage and has to spit it out regardless of where I am. It is disgusting and I am trying everything, non-meds. My primary tried to prescribe me with meds that had all sorts of wild side affects. I use nasal spray that helps a little. I even tried allergy meds like Claritin-no good. My main lacking step is drinking at least eight glasses of water. I really wants to get rid of this problem. Due to the thickness, I have upchucked a few times and has developed a phobia of clearing my throat. Sad.
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I'm not exactly sure on the time, I think I had some light coughs around age 20, 21 and that was a side effect of my Blood Pressure medication.

I was able to link it almost completely to the foods I ate. Now think about this for a minute. It was around that time in my life when GMO's started becoming all our produce. And I'm sorry to say even though the studies done showed it cause tumors or cancer inside mice at alarming numbers, they still went along with it. Eat a store bought tomato then eat a homegrown natural organic tomato it will blow your mind (if you didn't like tomatoes before you will then), same goes for all other produce. And Its not just the taste, its the color, texture, smell. Its almost so fake its recycled paper transformed I mean come on people. But Ill be honest and say they don't give me this phlegm issue they are just are horrible product made by a company that contracted with the military who also created "Agent Orange" that was used in Vietnam to kill just about everything and continues to do so today. I want real food not fake food D&Mnt. (interesting fact: my dad had a military PT outfit, one i was young i took a look at the tag and it said 99% Cotton 1% Agent Orange) what that's all about i wouldn't know but logic tells me is they probably did that thinking it would get the soldiers acclimated to a chemical they may or may not be exposed to hoping to lesson chances of visual exposure. Any way moving right along.......

When I ingest something that has ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR CORN SYRUP and products containing PRESERVATIVES found in almost anything some more than others, I'm not sure If the BPA from canned goods cause me phlegm issues because i try to buy fresh. It can be expensive but its almost like buying your medicine at the same time. The worst reaction or attacks tend to come from FAST FOOD and microwavable meals. By experience I don't feel it so much the microwave as it is all the extra preservatives those meals get dosed with.

(FUN FACT: Do you know what they use to keep shredded cheese from sticking together? WOOD PULP)

If you haven't tried this on your road to helping your situation, give it a shot. I feel so much better when I make a meal from scratch or at least cook a meal my self using only canned or fresh items. I like to make BASIL Pesto Pasta because it tastes so good its also healthy for you as well. Basil has many benefits especially for the hear and lungs.

I've don things like cut salt or sugar out of my diet completely only to have headaches or feeling weak from eating only vegies without meat. So I'll make a good Beef Stew or something like that well seasoned every once in a while to maintain balance. Because believe it or not your body need salt, iodine, sugars, fats, proteins, etc. The trick is balance and moderation.

I find taking a stomach ACID REDUCER at night before bed or when other wise needed, also making sure I don't over eat or go without eating I wont have phlegm issues, throat clearing, etc.

What I do at home is simply use a special ALLERGENIC AIR FILTER for my central air, they cost more but they work much better and your prolonging the life of your A/C.

When I'm having issues that are worse or "an episode"  I spend that excruciating 30-60 minutes of excessive fluid, phlegm, choking doing what I can to get all I can out even if it triggers a gag reflux and have to throw up even all that seeps inside my nose. I know It just comes right back but I'll do it until I fill its isn't so heavy and when i can safely keep something down. I do this because I then take an ANTI-ACID (the calcium chews) with constant sips of water until I go through about 20ounces minimum then......comes.... the


For me the work to cut through the phlegm the same way a menthol cough drop cuts though a cough. Not sure why but they are just soft enough to go down easy, while just hard enough to agitate any build up of phlegm and the brine liquid that's full of electrolytes seem to break it down further. I and instantly feel better but a cure.

I would recommend having regular checkups with your doctor including urinalysis and blood work. Which is usually basic tests to check your health, this would include things like liver function, kidney function, white cell count, etc. But if your sexually active you should probably have them test for that to but its not automatically done when you go for lab work, you have to tell them you want those tests done too. This way they pull enough samples, to run everything. Some illnesses including STD's will stay dormant only to show on a later test, that's why its important to have tests done regularly.

There are other things that can cause this issue, off the top of my head I would say a suspect would be yeast infection. Ill mention a little about that then Ill let you go cause this is getting long. CANDIDA is a bacteria or a "yeast" that naturally lives inside you, it has its benefits but sometimes it can get out of control leaking into your blood stream and cause problems. It thrives on the sugar you eat and If I'm not mistaken i think it is what causes you to be flatulent. And when you die it is what decomposes you from the inside out. I know this yeast hates APPLE-CIDER VINEGAR and GARLIC. Also eating good bacteria for your digestion such as ACTIVIA YOGURT. That could be a remedy if CANDIDA is your problem.

Thank you for reading my contribution, I welcome all replies and communication. I hope this helps you and if it does PRETTY PLEASE let me know about it so I can say "ah we're on to something here!"
Thank you for your time and input, sure sorry your dad had to wear that uniform, my UNC died recently from complications from agent Orange exposure in Vietnam,  our problems really seem minor in comparison,we just can't clear our throats" ,,, I will stop dairy too, try pickles,, and have my adnoid removed,,,fixable,,Thanx!
That is a lot of helpful info.  

With regard to the pickles or olives, maybe the acidity in the pickle juice is the thing that helps????

You mention GMO's.  They are awful on our health.  And then there is cloud seeding.  There is a constant haze that lingers in the sky and then eventually falls to the ground.  Some people have taken air samples in for testing and found some pretty bad stuff in the chemicals used.  I can't imagine how much more individuals with respiratory conditions suffer now than before cloud seeding began.  

Another thing to consider is humidity.  There are so many different sources for information on all topics.  Some will tell you that humidity solves a lot of health issues and others will tell you that humidity is bad for you.  I think monitoring the humidity level in homes is important.  

I have a friend who has been using a netti pot along with his wife.  They do a lot of research on various health issues and treatments.  He has shared that since starting the use a netti-pot that neither has had sinus issues whereas they had them prior to using it.  

Try natural remedies at home before going to a doctor.  Some of these include (not all remedies will work for every person):
1.  Gargling salt water - clears mucous from the back of the throat and soothes a sore throat
2.  Drink plenty of fluids - this thins mucous
3.  Nasal irrigation (i.e. Netti-pot) -  check your local Dollar Store (ours has them) - I have been told to NOT use tap water.  It is important to use the solution that comes with the pot.
4.  Steam inhalation
5.  Increase intake of Vitamin C

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98% of the time, it ends up being an adenoid infection. This is one of those conditions that we call a "death panel disease" since most insurance or medicare coverage will NOT cover since it can be cured during a simple half hour out patient procedure (billion dollar corporations can't make money off of it).
It literally comes down to simply having your adenoids removed at a cost of a few thousand dollars, or the greedy corporations can push medications that don't work and make a profit from your suffering.
Doctors will NOT test for adenoid infections or risk being drummed out by the FDA as a "boat rocker", so you need to explicitly force them to test for it. As stated, insurance won't cover it, so you'll need to dish out the $65.00 out of pocket, but it is completely worth it; your life will change for the better in only a single visit, and it can and does reverse symptoms of depression as well (by default, humans are prone to depression after a lengthy ailment).
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I think you are on to something i have what feels like a soft marble in the back my throut that makes it hard to swallow sometimes. the doc said its all in my head  and i just ate 2 pickles that seem to helped the swallowing im not having any trouble right now and breating feels alot easier then 10 minutes ago (i am 16 used to smoke weed but recently stopped cause of chest pains that the doc said was acid reflux) so any one else with same marble feeling try eating a pickle or 2 and see if that helps and we can really say madplows on to something
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I would like to know how your situation turned out. I have been having the same problem for more than 5 years. In fact, coughing constantly at work made it seem like I had some horrible disease and I am sure it caused me to lose the job.

It seems doctors can't do anything for you unless you are really at the point of dying. Go figure!

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I have had this coughing and spitting up foamy white bubbly stuff all my life, it really bugs my partner hearing me coughing spitting and being sick every morning and its starting to bug me big time now too, I start coughing first thing every morning, have to go and sick up all the phlegm, my face and eyes go all bloodshot and then I have to blow my nose and even more comes out, a whole half hour carry on every morning, cant have a coffee untill its all gone or else im sicking up coffee/phlegm, yuck!! It all comes out quicker though lol. Then even a few times a day i have to cough/sick it up again, im going to try taking antihistamines every night now and thinking about getting a hepa air purifier, i wake up so clogged up.I did used to smoke, stopped 2 years ago, Im 47 but i dont think its related to smoking.
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I have the same issue. My story is this.  I was a smoker and quit when I was 30. After that we moved around in military for yrs. Never a problem with hacking, phlem , nothing, years went by. we retired military and moved to Massachusetts , NOT Boston, but a smaller town . Bought A house. One day I got into a heated discussion  with my bypolar son. He can be difficult to deal with. Hes in his 30's. I strained my throat trying to talk over him to get him to listen. I think  I damaged my throat that day because my throat problem started rt after that . Soon after, I started hacking in the morning, phlem, ritual of clearing my throat etc. that was now yrs ago, and its not any better. However, I also have alergies . And I noticed that When I get up in the morning rt after I drink my coffie, which has alot of CREAM NOT milk or blk coffie, My hacking starts getting worse. Also, we have two woodstoves we use all winter, Pets. etc.  I dont know. I ve never had any problems until I moved to Mass. But it could be any one of those things. And I am a Cheese freak too. But I never smoke or drink , Cold air does make it worse? I do have alot of dust in my house , dusting constantly etc? who knows? I am going to an ent dr next week. BUt I never take meds except tylenol . My mother destroyed her nostrils useing nasal spray yrs ago and her friend and dr told me that nasal sprays are bad news . So who knows?
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i used to have bath breath...found the cure for me...i bought a tongue scraper...every night i scrape my tongue from back to front...there is always a coating of stuff that comes off...dont scrape too hard because you will remove all the bacteria then you will have a white tongue and dry mouth...i also gargle salted water a few times a week before bed..it loosens the phlem in the throat ...the dentist told me we do need a bit of good bacteria on the tongue so thats why i dont scrape too hard...rinse the scraper after each stroke....hope it helps you...PS...rinse mouth well after the scraping.
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Yes! I got a fungal infection in my lungs two years ago in New Mexico. They determined it was penicillium fungus. I'm allergic to penicillin. Great, huh?
Now I clear my throat and cough about half the day. Two pulmonologists haven't been able to clear it up. Any ideas? I'm sick to death (you might say) of this stuff.
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Hello, I found this forum recently, and I am another person who struggles with this wretched problem. I have had it for a year now; the constant post-nasal drip that just collects in the throat. I used to smoke medical marijuana for two years prior, but apart from that never really smoked in my life. I was not as heavy on smoking as many, and for the majority of the time the problem never existed...It seemed to start a year ago, during a peak stress point in my life. I live about an hour to hour and 1/2 away from the beach, though my particular town is rather dry. I had gone to visit some friends in the mountains, where I used to live. I have visited there many times without these problems, but that time was not a good one...We all got sick, and it was a general infection in the sinuses/lungs. After it cleared from my lungs and the infection was gone, I expected the phlegm to go away in a matter of weeks. Allergy season hit, and I have always been prone to allergies, I assumed it was that, albeit rather bad. I figured it would just be gone as soon as the pollen stopped floating around. I did continue smoking weed occasionally as it was the only thing to help a neurological condition I've had from birth which causes a great deal of anxiety and insomnia, etc. Eventually, I stopped smoking weed altogether, thinking it might be an allergy to pot. However, months later, I noticed the problem never went away...I continue to cough out gobs of phlegm that just flow and "fill up" my throat (just as others have said). There was quite a high level of stress and horrible life events persistently hitting me a year ago when all this started, I know it must play a role. That is something I've noticed all of us here have in common...One way or another, something serious set it off.

Nothing will help it go away, Indeed, as stated by Jen176, and quoted by others, "Throughout the day I have phlegm at the back of my throat and all the way down my airways (which is very uncomfortable btw) and it occasionally comes up on its on" this happens to me as well, my experience exactly! I have seen the doctor countless times, two ENTs, and my weight (from around 120-125) recently dropped to a meager 85 pounds! I had become sick and it got EVEN WORSE! I could no longer eat or drink. I had to go to the hospital, of which I have just returned. No obstruction or cancer that they could see in the throat, and of course my lungs are clear. They cannot understand that phlegm is doing this. They had no answers, and simply told me it's psychosomatic, "it's emotional, get over it and just eat food" sort of thing...That is completely ridiculous. It certainly is not emotional. When it's so bad that food gets stuck, furthering the problem... I was a vegetarian, for about five years, now I have become vegan, milk especially will make the phlegm worse. I used to love cheese and milk chocolate, no more of that for me. But it matters not, this crap still persists! It is sticky and thick, the amount of water and hydrating fluids doesn't do a darn thing. I'm in the process of researching the best vegan protein/meal replacement drinks/powders that don't taste like salted cardboard and river sand, as I heard someone say. I will update this with a list of what I find and like, if it will help.

I have always been sensitive to textures, so it makes all of this worse. As of now, there is nothing but dealing with symptoms. No working, doing creative projects, going anywhere, being social, nothing...All my hobbies are gone. My days begin and end with this horrible stuff, all of the time. I just want my life back...

Talak mentioned something, that throat-numbing stuff might help, it's certainly worth looking into. Or it might make matters worse...With myself, I fear it might, due to my small frame and low weight/inability to eat. I wonder the same for others with similar issues to me. The doctor said the muscles in my throat and tongue are now "weak for your age" (I'm 28) from all of the "hocking" and attempts at ridding of the phlegm. Also something he did not mention: the mucus itself is so thick and sticky it weakens these muscles.

If anyone has the answers, please let us know! I will keep you guys updated, so long as I am alive...
Benzonatate 100 mg capsules is all I can think of. They help to relax your throat. Helps with the out of control coughing that leads to gagging.
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Eat lots of greens, stay away from all processed foods. All symptoms are a message from your body. Eat a healthy diet. Drink at least 80 ounces of water. Great book. "Your not sick your thirsty" Start to get informed by investigating out side the box.  Check out the Ann Wigmore Health Instute in Puerto Rico. That place will really make you see the impact of eating correctly.

Good luck
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If you have a halitial hernia, GERD, ACID REFLUX, MUCUS DRAINING IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT, and its starting to hurt when you breath or swallow, a bloated abdomen from eating that remains until you wake from sleep the next morning it could be  gastroparesis. I'm just saying.
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I am experiencing the same exact thing, one doctor said sinuses however cat scan shows sinuses are fine...another said see an allergist, I've been under going allergy treatment for 4 years and he said it might be GERD..ok, been on Prilosec for 4 months and still have the same problem...now I've been referred to a ENT doctor...I will be seeing him next week...just for the record about 5 years ago I had experienced the same thing under went a load of exams, procedures and medications and nothing fixed the problem. I eventually gave up because no one seem to know what or why.  One day it just stopped happening after several months...however it's back....so let's see what this ENT doctor says...I'll keep you posted
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This sounds exactly like my problem and I've just started research. LPR (type of acid reflux) was cited as possibility). Started taking DGL and tums to experiement. They seem to have STARTED to make a difference but having my worst day ever today. Did you find resolution?
Did you find taking the antacids made the Symptom go away and if so how long did it take?
Thank you
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I have the same thing too...they say sinus drip  I went to the doctors, she had the same thing as well.  Actually she said sometimes when she talks a gargle sound comes out of her voice.  I have the same thing.  Apparently no one really knows or really thinks it is important.  Sinus drip....
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Any news on the phlegm?  Saw your post and I have white phlegm in my throat that I clear out in the morning, dry mouth, and constant bad breath.  I drink tons of water daily and doesn't help.  The phlegm is the worst at night and after I eat.  It was really bad years ago...but still a nuisance.  Let me know! Preston
check to see if you have Cough-Variant Asthma this is what I had for 11 years un detected prescribed me FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE

literally no symptoms any more NONE
How long did it take for the nasal spry to work?
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I to have the same symptoms! Always feels like there is phlegm stuck in my throat and I am constantly trying to clear it. I do have bad acid reflux and it seems that his could be what's contributing to my symptoms from reading some of the posts on here.

Has anyone found that taking antacids daily will make the symptoms go away??

This has been driving me crazy for the past month now! I just wish it would go away
I have the same problem, I won't say I have a cure, but have found a natural way to alleviate symptoms. Found it on EarthClinic. 1/2 teaspoon of each of the following - Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger in a large cup of hot water - aka spice tea. It breaks up the phlegm. I now use this once-twice a day.
FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE exactly what I had for 11 years finally went to see a older GP he is a legend he prescribed me this gone like cured!! 2 times a day for rest of your life if I don't want any symptoms
How long did the nasal spray take to work?
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I also have the chronic post nasal drip issue. So glad I'm not alone. I've had it off and on for the last 4 years. Comes every couple months... Goes away for a few months, then back again. Usually lasts 2-3 months at a time. I've been to numerous doctors and treated for acid reflux, sinus infections, allergies, ext. I've tried every medicine under the sun. I also do daily nasal washes. I've recently started going to a holistic wellness doctor. She believes it all starts with candida in your gut. She put me on a course of probiotics and candida supplements. Also starting a strict diet of no dairy sugar or gluten. Only on second week and it's very difficult! No changes yet but she said it takes time!
I have had this miserable problem for about eight years now. I have constant phlegm hanging at the back of my throat that builds gradually until I MUST either swallow or clear my throat. If not, I end up inhaling it and choking. I've been tested for gerd, had barium swallows w/no indication of any problem. I've been given allergy medications, as e.g. fluticasone (sp?), Nasonex, claritin, etc. and the whole run of antacids. Nothing works. Mucinex does nothing. I'm convinced that this is a condition still not understood by the present state of medicine and I just try to live with it. I swallow so much the muscles are sore- as I have to do it about 8 times per minute... it gets a little better and worse at times, but is always there... I feel a little better seeing I'm not alone w/this.Perhaps someday it'll be understood...

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I have had this problem for five years and have tried various treatments etc to minimal effect at best. Six weeks ago I  decided to sleep with my head elevated, this is recommended on various medical web sites, I stacked several pillows together and had a poor nights sleep being unaccustomed to sleeping this way. The following day my phlegm production was dramatically reduced. I have continued to sleep with my head elevated and the production of phlegm remains GREATLY reduced. It has not been completely eradicated but I have gone to bringing up phlegm from as many as twenty to thirty times per hour times per hour to as few as several per day. Anyone who wishes to try this method please note the following. I found using pillows to elevate my head was cumbersome, uncomfortable and there is a tendency for the head to slip into a more conventional position during sleep. Therefore I now sleep on a sun lounger with adjustable position settings. For me the incline has to be 45 degrees or greater, a couple of bricks under the bed does not work for me. I understand not everyone can sleep on a sun lounger but this works for me.
Your sleep is disturbed but you do become more accustomed to sleeping inclined. In any case if it works for you believe me you will be satisfied with this trade off. Good luck to anyone who tries this and hope it is successful for you.
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I have a clear to white phlegm in my throat constantly. I don't smoke (Never have), don't drink/eat dairy, don't have any major illnesses that would lead to this type of issue. ( I have severe Fibro M & a Joint disorder) I don't drink soda, I eat healthy, I drink water, I don't live in the city, I live in the mountains... I DO however have 2 cats, and 2 birds....... wondering if this is from the birds. If that's the case I'll deal with it.
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THAT IS EXACTLY my symptoms. do you happen to never go to the dentist? Cause I don't, and I don't floss or anything. Maybe it's bacteria from a bad tooth leaking in your throat? That could be what we have. Idk. Not like I'm a doctor or anything...just some guy. Maybe somebody could back me up here
I think this is pollution-related. Ive had this since the bad wild fires in my area. Ive tried antihistamines and I don't eat much soy or dairy. A friend swears that fresh lemon juice and warm water will do it. Im going to try it for a week and see...cant hurt.
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You're right about avoiding dairy. I have suffered from this for a long time. I found out later that it was ice cream for me as sometimes it's not all kinds of dairy that cause it. Mine is caused mainly by ice cream while my son gets real bad constipation from milk. You'll benefit from doing some kind of an elimination diet by re-introducing foods one at a time and take notice of what's happening. I love ice cream and when I eat it I pay the price for days by having a frog sitting in my throat. I first learned that it produced the mucus for some people from Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple). The following link is for an article about pus in milk.
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I also have this symptom which interferes me when I am talking continously for my presentation as I am a teacher. My voice will turn high-pitched which embarassed me sometimes during the lecture. Any solution for this?
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I also have this symptom which interferes me when I am talking continously for my presentation as I am a teacher. My voice will turn high-pitched which embarassed me sometimes during the lecture. Any solution for this?
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I also have this symptom which interferes me when I am talking continously for my presentation as I am a teacher. My voice will turn high-pitched which embarassed me sometimes during the lecture. Any solution for this?
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literally was crippling my life. I feel free again!!!! had to come back here to comment. apparently I have Cough-Variant Asthma went to countless GP's who quite frankly don't care there just there for the quick Buck! went to see a GP in Kelmscott WA perth older guy.... asked me heapssss of questions took a interest in finding out what it was after about 30-40 minutes he said " I'm 100% sure I know what you have" went to the chemist been taking  FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE inhaler 2 times a day...

GONE! like literally no symptoms!

Really hope this helps some of u guys out!

costs like $50 for 120 doses

man I tried everything like everything!


Hello. I’ve had this same problem for about 5 months. I’m going to try your suggestion how long did it take to start noticing some relief? Thank you.
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i have the same thing. it's annoying and I've had it all my life. I've learned to just accept it lol but I always draw attention constantly clearing my throat.
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Hi please check that you may have deviated septum check both the nostrils which cause sinus thank you
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I have the same problem and it is still there. I know there is no treatment for this. But there is a way to get relief from this. Just eat anything when ever you get this problem. That indicates that you are hungry. Just eat anything belly full. That's what I descovered to get relief. And also eat healthy and do exercise or jogging. I am going to experiment on myself for permanent solution. Once I get the solution for this I will post again. I am 24 years old.
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Go to an ENT and research silent reflux.Yes, silent reflux/heartburn. You won't have "heart burn" like you are thinking of. No reflux, no burning sensation but I will bet you a million dollars this is the cause.  It causes mucus to pool in the back of the throat and can be misconstrued as post nasal drip.
I went to an ENT with full blown laryngitis all because I went to a restaurant with live music. Next day had no voice. I had been using things such as Flonase for years because I have non- allergic rhinitis. Long story, he wanted me to try something like Prilosec. I was desperate to regain my voice and stop having mucus trapped in my throat so I figured why not. There are certain foods and things to avoid that will help but I'm telling you this is it.

Also, teenage son who had suffered with allergies his whole life began throat clearing constantly when we moved to a new house. At bed time it was so bad we went back to the allergist and started on immunotherapy again. After weeks of shots and his typical allergy meds nothing was working . I began researching and came across the whole silent reflux thing again and light bulbs went off. Started him on Pilosec and within days, throat clearing was gone! We stopped immunotherapy because the whole reason we started again was due to the throat clearing. There are other things besides Prilosec that can be used but please consult a doctor first. ENTs really know about this phenomenon.
Ya right I've had one unessasary in office sinus surgery he gave me mrsa   Went to diff. Ent  had antibiotics with saline rince lost all sense  of taste . Finally fount Ent new what he was doing nothing wrong with my sinuses I have non allergic righnitis no cure nothing to treat with only saline some days a gallon or more even went to Cleveland clinic no help I usley have one good day a weak
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It's probably the chemtrails they are dumping in our skis worldwide. Have been for years! They have no idea of the long term affect it has on people. All I know is the number of people getting respiratory problems is growing at a rapid rate. I too suffer.
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This is going to sound weird but I'd like to share it with all of you who are experiencing this hellish problem.

I'm an old guy who has had this curse for the better part of my life. I remember snorting and spitting as a child and it progressed as I got older and older. As a teenager and young adult we all joked about the "gobbing" but as I entered the workplace it became an issue of embarrassment. We all smoked and drank and I wrote my discomfort and hacking off to all that and a deviated septum.

I've been retired now for 13 years and have had heart surgery, gallbladder removal, and my septum repaired. In addition, I've taken all the PPI's. etc. and had all the "tests" designed to identify LPR, Post Nasal Drip and the rest of the proposed causes and treatments. I am ready to do anything to stop the exhausting difficulty, to include the surgery on the LES. I've quit sugar related foods and caffeine but the problem persists.

A few days ago I was wallowing in my misery and reminded myself of at least one blessing. Since I was a child I also experienced what my Mom and others labeled as "Canker Sores" in my mouth. If you have ever had them you know what I mean and how painful they are for their average two week duration. My younger son has the same problem has the same thing, while my older boy does not have them at all.

As odd as this may seem, I have not had one "canker sore" since I retired 13 years ago, I swear to god this is true.

It dawned on me that if my relief or stress could rid me of "canker sores" maybe I may be able to somehow control the phlegm problem by myself. So, I tired to swallow in a very relaxed manner with no resistance and I immediately felt less phlegm in my throat .... I know, it sounds like I am describing some kind of a TV like miracle. Nonetheless, I've been practicing swallowing with a relaxed throat (muscles) for a few days now and my problem has dramatically lessened.

After all the doctors and medicines, tests and modifications that did not do a darn thing, I just relaxed my throat muscles when I swallowed free of the fear of phlegm ! The need to clear my throat and get the phlegm out of my vocal cords has not gone away but it has decreased. I'm hoping if I continue to train myself to relax my throat when I ear or drink I may even someday be comfortable to be around people other than my very understanding and sympathetic wife.

If you are in the same situation as me, try this out. I hope to be phlegm free before I die even if it has taken 65 years to happen. I'd like to know that some who have their whole lives in front of them can live without this insidious thing because I took the time to share this with them ... Sorry for the dramatics but I assure you I.m telling the truth.

PS: I've visited every self help posting cite about this issue looking for some help. So, if you see this message there please understand that I am trying to share with people who I know are suffering ... this is nothing to laugh about and is hard for those who do not have the problem to understand but, we know and I hope we can alleviate the problem for others.
I had an infection in my throat and my sinuses.the drs told me nothing was wrong and refused to do a sputum culture.i lost so much hearing and vision.they told me oh well sometimes people lose their vision.some of them actually screamed at me(there's no infection).I was really taken back .I couldn't believe how poorly I was treated.sometimes two of them would come in the room like the mafia that is when they would get really rude and send me packing.finally I found a dr that listened and ordered a sputum test .it was a bacterial overgrowth it was actually one of the bacteria I had seen under my microscope .I taught myself to do gram staining and I told them what things I suspected and low and behold it was .what is the point of drs when they are to arrogant to listen they don't even help.my son had it because these things are contagious many times .mine was very contagious and now I cannot cure the whole school how do I help the children.will the cdc even listen or the health dept probably not.well I resorted to the use of ozone therapy because I could not get help and the infection is just about gone kind of ironic because now im getting antibiotics.unbelievable.so I think if you have a persistent runny nose for a year or more just do the sputum test its cheap and its worth it you are worth it .I should have just done ozone much sooner.i would still have my hearing
You have a heart of gold! Thanks for sharing.
You have a heart of gold! Thanks for sharing.
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Suffering from fibreglass inhalation at work one of the symptom's is very similar to yours - Nystan and Omeprazole does the trick for me.
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Try cutting out dairy and see if it goes away. I experienced exactly what u were talking about for most of my life. I thought I just had sinus issues. Then I cut out dairy and the issues almost completely disappeared. I seem to do fine with aged cheeses but milk makes me instantly phlegmy! Drinking Apple cider vinegar in water helps cut mucous too but dairy was the culprit for me.
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It is do to Histamine Intolerance..  An It causes Sugar Glucose issues.. When Sugar is high or low, it will cause phlegm issues. Higher or lower your sugar, the more phlegn you will get, more stuffy in nasal areas.. Will effect eyes, body bloat.. headaches to migraines.. An much more.. I wrote this an posted in HIstamine Intolerance Qestions.. But not sure it went/posted .. "Read this> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactive_hypoglycemia
Need to fix your DAO.
See Histamine Food Lists https://healing histamine.com/histamine-in-food-lists/
Search on issues.. No One told me Histamine Intolerant Persons need a diet plan.
Histamine Disease also look up, its most the issues, if Histamine intolerance is showing in Symptoms;an it can make you look like your diabetic.. I been pinned with Histamine Disease(which also gives chemical issues .. like bleach, ammonia, pinesol, windex(ammonia), frebreze an such scents, perfumes, deodorants etc.. Also Thyroid issues, yes i also have.  Near every persons symptoms i read of Crashing, Sweats, cold, nauseua, pass outs or near ones, headaches, belching, gas, bloat, stomach cramps, body itching, feel like bugs crawling, loss hair from dry follicles, rashes sometimes.. All can be Histamine Issues. An Yes i beeen diagnosed with IBS as well.  I think it is aLL HISTAMINE RELATED.. an the other is issues from Histamine Issues. I hope links an all help you.. This is nto a fun issue for sure. YEt diet can help it ease, i do nto know if it has a cure..other than prayer. I live in sort of a bubble, by not being around general public, few people is fine, but heavy crowds i stay from.. smells people wear will trigger Histamine as well,Hence the chemical issues, all things have Histamine bases, some more an some less. Foods is a serious issue, so need to learn what is high histamine an stay from, or eat very little of.. Like Mangoes an Papaya i love, one is high tolerance, other is low tolerance, so i can have the low tolerance one... Also need to use natural scents to clean home with. I had bad bout last niight, an i think perhaps the fried okra in olive oil was the issue;that or the Coffee with Reeses Cup Dairy in it. . Or both. Also see.. https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-shopping-list-histamine.pdf . God Bless. I never respond, i ussualy cannot find same links again. Oh An see allergist, a simple 25 prick test can tell if you have Histamine issues.. Allergist told m my counts were off the chart, i should have been dead before i seen Him., He was amazed i knew some my issues of scents already that effect me.. The bleach ,pinesol, ammonia, deodorants, an scent sprays. Goodluck. ". Also take Zyrtech for allergy issues, an Intolerance of Histamine Pollen Allergy issues.. I USe over counter version Citerizine .  When get the phelgm, check your sugar glucose levels.. watch if you are having sugar issues,, $20 buck for less for sugar glucose monitor.. or just ask Dr to check you to see if You are diabetic. As said Histamine can make you appear to be diabetic. I find when cough do to phlegm, to stay moderate temp helps.. if cold grab blanket, if warm shed clothes, or A/c tuns up. . It will calm the phlegn too.. besides up or down sugar levels. To up easy eat piece fruit, candy, soda..but not much. If Too high need to excersize till phlegm stops.  When I get Phlem i stay from milk, orange juice, or fruit juices. I drink lots of water, so to cut how much histamine an sugar i intake.  
Forgot... Vitamine C can help..  But too much can hurt.. When we take supplements an eat food, we cannot do too much Vitamine c.. Or other foods an drinks either.. It ads either sugar, or more histamine.. I find balance helps.  I have to keep my sugar betwen 125-135.. any under or above i am sick.  Each person may very what sugar level you need. Practitioner told me be 99-125.. if i even get near 125 i am near deathly sick an crashing.
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